Jul 28, 2012

DIR EN GREY Countdown??

A couple days ago, the Diru fandom on Tumblr was freaking out. I checked the DIR EN GREY tag just to be in the loop. Lo and behold, I see screenshots of this. I immediately went to the official website and there it was. The background was slowly fading in and out with different pictures and the timer slowly ticked away.

First, I freaked out. I went on Twitter, saw @DEG_CANADA’s tweet about the countdown and key smashed like there was no tomorrow.

I’m a bit worried and excited.

Worried because what if it’s bad news?? I highly doubt it, because Diru just doesn’t seem like the band to troll us. If it was all a joke, I have no idea what I’d do. In the light of Versailles and their hiatus, I’m really hoping it’s not bad news. Then again, why would they have a countdown for a potential hiatus/disbandment? No one wants to count that down.

Excited because a multitude of reasons.

  • Maybe Kyo has his voice 100% back and can sing again!
  • New album?!
  • Remastered and expanded DUM SPIRO SPERO??
  • They’re going on tour
  • Some sort of big promotional anniversary thing like re-releasing CDs
  • ???

I honestly have no idea. I’ve talked about Diru being teases before but they really are teases. I can’t stand this waiting. Well, you have my attention now, DIR EN GREY. Speak up now!

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