E3 2013: Things I’m Looking Forward To

Jun 10, 2013

While I can’t say I’m a huge gamer, I game enough to be excited about E3 that’s starting tomorrow. There is a ton of stuff that are coming out that will hopefully be super crazy due to the next gen consoles that are coming this year. So, here’s what I’ll be keeping my eyes glued to the screen on over the next few days.

PS4 Console

They showed us the controller, they showed us the features, and they showed us the games. They haven’t showed us the actual console. Contrary to the Xbox One reveal, the reveal for the PS4 was basically advertising for games. While I do think that not showing the console may give them some leverage over Microsoft in that they might be able to make some last minute tweaks, it’s probably not significant if they showed it before or after the Xbox One. Still doesn’t change the fact that I’m super excited to see it!

Used Game, Rental, and Trading Policies

Used games are awesome. When my cousin gives me games he thought he’d like but didn’t, it’s even better. Mostly because overpriced games hurt my wallet. And because my family is always super late to an next gen consoles. For example, we bought a PS3 just last year. It’ll be a couple of years until we get the PS4 and I’m hoping a lot of used games will be available for us (the cheaper they are, the better).


I hate to say that I love Ubisoft, but I love Ubisoft. Despite their endless pitfalls, they make games that I like. Watching the WATCH_DOGS segment at the PS4 reveal was mind blowing. I was hooked at the very second it started. I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories, especial the “one company that controls about 90% of the world but no one really knows it” kind of conspiracies. The game itself looks awesome. It’s reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed and my fingers are crossed that maybe it might take place on the Assassin’s Creed universe (which is not likely, since I’m pretty sure UbiGabe shot that idea down).


I’ve never gotten into Halo and probably never will but with this new IP, I might finally get a taste of the next and possibly biggest series to date. But before that happens, I need to see what it’s all about and if it’ll be a series at all.


Cinematic trailers and speeches are all fine and dandy but gameplay is where it’s at. Gameplay is the deal breaker. It comes before everything else. I personally haven’t seen a lot of gameplay from any of the upcoming games so I look forward to it!

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