Every Time the Sun Comes Up I'm in Trouble

Jul 6, 2019

I get really into The Stampede, a 10 (?) day long cowboy fest in my city . I woke up to the sounds of a pancake breakfast happening literally a block away at my community’s association hall. I think Stampede is the only time I can tolerate country music. I just get so into the festivities.

Maybe it’s because this is a vegan stampede breakfast but the soundtrack to today’s breakfast is banging. Not a single country song in sight. Sharon Van Etten’s Every Time the Sun Comes Up started blaring and it was a good start to the day.

I don’t know what it is about female artists, their early albums are usually always heartbreak albums. Okay I only really think about two female artists. Sharon van Etten has a stellar sophomore album with Epic. With lyrics like, “Light a cigarette and think of you and walk away” from A Crime, “You still make me smile, as much as I am reeling” from Save Yourself, and “Just to remind you, I’m a mistake/How come you don’t want to know?” from One Day how could this not be a phenomenal breakup album?

(I’m writing this blog post in line to this pancake breakfast, and St. Vincent just started playing. Truly the best pancake breakfast soundtrack)

Sharon Van Etten recently came out with new music. It departs from her usual indie acoustic folk sound and instead relies on heavy synths and distortions. I definitely still dig it. There’s still that melancholic sound that draws me to her. I Told You Everything came out on Spotify a couple months ago and I was haunted. Although I am not super familiar Van Etten’s discography, I ended up buying a ticket to Folk Fest to see her when she comes into town. I am willing to spend ~$60 for a day of cool music. I was not willing to spend ~$200 for our other indie music festival, Sled Island, to see Japanese Breakfast and Julien Baker, however.

Another artist I’ve been grooving to lately is Natalie Prass. I really liked her self-titled debut album, Natalie Prass. There were a lot of bangers on that song that I initially slept on. Christy is one of the songs that I liked right away. It’s a sinister song about infedility. And It Is You shows off Prass’ otherworldly voice, crystal clear and high pitched, sounding like a Disney princess. I definitely slept on My Baby Don’t Understand Me (the most saddeningly beautiful song on the album) and Bird of Prey after relistening to the album.

(They’re playing The Strokes now, I am in love with whoever made this playlist)

She also came out with music recently, just last year. It’s a very political album that she wrote after her disappointment with the U.S. elections. I also slept on this. When Short Court Style came out, I was decidedly “eh” with the funk. Seeing her perform on NPR’s Tiny Desk however has changed my mind on the entire album.

I’m nearing the front of the line now. I can always count on music to pass the time.

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