Fall 2013 Semester in Review

Dec 12, 2013

This semester went by really quickly. I never once thought, “wow I want this semester to be over.” I’m not joking, really! I really enjoyed it. Then again, it could be due to the fact that I only took three courses this semester: introduction to Python, Russian literature in translation, and linear algebra. They were all pretty fair courses. I already had some programming experience (once you are exposed one programming language, it’s easier to read other languages), my Russian professor was quite easy, and I knew most of the content in linear algebra.

Thankfully, I can count on one hand the amount of classes I skipped.

  • Had to meet with comp sci prof (which was mandatory). It went a little late and was late for a tutorial right afterwards. Tutorials are optional anyway.
  • Comp sci prof called in sick. Lecture turned into a work/ask-the-TA-questions period. Handed in the assignment electronically and left (sorry to my TA who saw me walk out).
  • Ditched last Russian lecture to work on comp sci project. I worked on it until the last half hour before the project was due. Close call.

In terms of procrastination… I didn’t do a lot of it until the last two weeks of lectures. Two papers, multiple assignments, and a large project would usually make people stressed out but I took it very casually… That is, I took it casually until the night before each thing was due. The last paper was brutal. I stayed up until four in the morning, worked on it for six hours, and got a 94%. Sounds legit.

Now the only thing left to worry about are finals. I’ve already done my Russian final this morning (8 AM finals are horrible, I have to wake up at 5!). It was okay. I spent an hour answering the short answer and the other hour doing the short essay. I feel like I missed something essential. What’s done is done, I suppose.

Random Thoughts About F2013

  • Will miss my comp sci group. What a bunch of dorks.
  • It was fun having a class with some of my friends in it.
  • Super glad I finally got to read Lolita. It was worth the wait.
  • Linear algebra was a breeze until the last chapter. Welp.
  • #TheStruggle
  • Discovered: U-KISS, Boris, Mayday, Lee Hi, flumpool, and downy.
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