February 2019 in Review

Mar 1, 2019


  • I have my own place!!!
  • Got my very first raise
  • Got my very first bonus


Hours of Sleep

February was terrible for sleep. I had a lot of four hour nights. This month definitely took a toll on me. A combination of work and moving out stress and family stress (really, the last two are one and the same).

Hours on Phone

Hours on Phone

I started out the month really bad with my phone usage. A lot of it was constantly being on RentFaster/Padmapper looking at apartment and condo listings everywhere. During lunch breaks. On the train. At the dinner table. Also went to a lot of apartment viewings so there was a lot of looking at Google Maps as well.

Steps Walked

Step Count

Because of going to apartment viewings and such, I walked a lot this month! My usual weekend dips can be seen here and there but I’m please with how much I walked this month. I wonder how I can keep it up.

Average Temperature

Average Daily Temperature

February was SO COLD. It got a little bit better towards the end but in general, it was absolutely cold. I felt really bad for my boyfriend, he’s been sick all month but he still came with me to apartment viewings, even on the coldest days. Some places we went to even had pipes bursting from the cold. I’m so grateful that he wanted to come with me to these.

Top 10 Artists

Top Artists

So continues the Coheed and Cambria trend. I can’t believe how much I didn’t listen to Coheed and Cambria before. I definitely feel like I’m falling in love with them all over again and seeing them in a new light. My C&C obsession back in 2010 was nowhere near the levels of today. Metric and Mashrou’ Leila are high up there because I’ve been listening to a lot of their new songs and revisiting their old songs.

One of my co-workers likes The Mars Volta and him mentioning it to me made me want to listen to them some more again. They have a lot of songs that kinda just blur into one another but have a couple good stand out songs.

Emarosa is a band that I’ve recently discovered. I listened to their latest album and didn’t like it all. The song that introduced me to them is vastly different. But it is also 13 years old. It’s fair that a band evolves other time. I swear my music taste must be stuck in the mid-2000s.

Top 10 Albums

Top Albums

Art of Doubt is such a banger. Metric really outdid themselves on this album. Emily is a great lyricist. It takes me a while to fully hear the lyrics of a song and the title track, Art of Doubt is absolutely my favourite one off the album. A lot of raw stuff here.

With Mashrou’ Leila coming out with new songs, I went back to Ibn El Leil. I love their sound so much. It’s tough to describe. It’s heavy on the synths with a good pop rock vibe combined with slightest hint of the sound of a sweet down-to-earth sound with the violin. I really think Mashrou’ Leila is super innovative.

Mitski’s latest album is another bop. Ah! I can’t get over it. Mitski is doing a lot of amazing things lately.

Top 10 Songs

Top Songs

Cavalry is such a bop. When I first listened to it, I was dancing in my bathroom in front of the mirror and I had to replay it at least five times. I am so excited for new Mashrou’ Leila music.

Mitski is always on point with her relatable music. A Pearl is a lot about falling in love with depressioin to the point where it’s hard to make way for real relationships. I feel that. I fell in love with a war[…]/It left a pearl in my head/And I roll it around/Every night, just to watch it glow.

And Art of Doubt only really hit me towards the end of the month. There will never be another you/There’s just nobody else, that’s you. I definitely misheard it as There’s nobody else, just you but I think both works.



My bills definitely took over this month. I paid partial rent for February and then rent for March this month. It makes sense that it takes up a big chunk. Renter’s insurance as well.

Then there’s the actual act of moving out. A lot of things had to be paid for. A modem for internet, activation fee for internet, security deposit, pots and pans, rugs, sheets, eating utensils, etc. My savings definitely dwindled this month but that’s alright. Still have time to build it up.

Books Read

I read a grand total of one book this February. I took out some books from the library but ended up not reading any of them except for one.

  • Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig.


Moving out and work took a big toll on me this month. I talked to my manager about it and he said that in his life, it seemed like whenever there was change, a lot of changes happened at once. It’s an interesting phenomenon. But I’m so glad that I’m finally at the point where I have my own place. I will definitely write more posts about the move later.

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