Finally, I Know!

Aug 12, 2012

I’ve finally been officially accepted into the engineering program at my local university!! I’m super crazy excited for university. I can’t wait to start a new clean slate. New school supplies (I admit, I enjoy this part the most), new subjects, new campus, new professors, new schedule, new everything. Speaking of schedules, I’ve had my schedule done since May but I was hesitant to post it, seeing as I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to be accepted. I didn’t personally do my schedule though. Prospective engineers are a special bunch, apparently it’s too confusing if we make our schedules, so the department puts us into “blocks” with predetermined schedules. That means, I have the same schedule as a couple of other students as well. I kind of feel sorry for those students, because I feel like the schedule I have is horribly balanced. I’m not too sure if that’s the norm, though. It probably is. My Thursdays are killer in my first semester. And in my second semester, I don’t have any lectures or labs every second Monday. I should be happy about this development but I feel like I’m going to be screwed by it later on…

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  In another news, I'm currently watching DIR EN GREY's 24 Hour Special Program on Niconico (or is it Nico Nico?). Currently it's at 14 hours and 52 minutes. I definitely did not stay to watch the whole thing, but I sure want to watch the rest of the 10 hours. So, I'm going to try to pull an all nighter. Will it happen? Probably not. Currently, the song that's playing is Dead Tree. Ugh, the sound of the bass in this song is seriously gratifying. I'd rather not go more into my Diru adventures, so I'll end it here. Although, you can probably go see some of my Diru woohoo over at <a href="" class="external">my Twitter</a>. Why would you even want to do that though?
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