First Week of Half-Way Year

Sep 15, 2014

I’m now in my third year of university. That’s an extremely scary thought for me, haha. High school seems like it was just yesterday (to be fair, it was only two years ago). Despite this being my third year, this is technically my middle year. I switched majors which added year to my degree. I’ve already done two years and after I finish this year, I have two more years to go. So here I am: at the half way point.

The first week… Could have gone better, I guess? On the first day, I had a brutally long break in between my first and last class (4 hours!!) due to there being no tutorials in the first week. I also fell down the busiest staircase on campus. Okay, I didn’t fall down the stairs as in actually going down the stairs but I fell down on the stairs. My legs felt like they were frozen and I couldn’t move them so I sat there for a couple of minutes while one of my classmates stood by awkwardly. Yeah, that was embarassing. My legs still hurt from that… My calves kill me whenever I go up and down stairs!

My classes this year are okay, so far. I’m taking an Arabic language class. I’m pretty excited and completely nervous over learning a new language. I think the Arabic writing system is beautiful and I think it would be nice to learn some of the culture associated with Arabic as well. We didn’t really start learning anything until Friday and to be honest, it was so intimidating! There are a couple of people in my class that already have some knowledge of Arabic and I feel like I’m already behind! We were going over letter combinations, trying to pronounce them and we were going around the class. Some people said the word even before I had time to figure out what the first two letters sounded like! My confidence level seriously deflated, haha. But I’ll give it until the end of the week before I decide if I want to stay in the class.

I’m also in a first year statistics course and it’s amusing seeing the freshman trying to figure things out on the first day. My professor has a super strong accent, which can be off-putting for some, but hopefully we’ll just get used to it. To be honest, I think I’m already used to it!

In one of my computer science courses, I have a professor that I’ve previously had before. There’s a lot of weird coincidences with this class! When I first took it with her, the course number was 231 and the section I was in was T05-1. Now, the course number is 331 and the section I’m in is T01-5! If you follow my Twitter, you might have already seen me make this observation, haha.

This professor loves group work and she’s pretty creative in constructing the course. We were given a survey of sorts to take while she took the results and put us in groups according to our answers. So far I like my group! They all seem very friendly and hard workers. I hate group work but sometimes it can be a blessing, I guess.

One of the good things that happened this week was that my friend gave me a little gift he brought from his trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines! He bought me a Mayday CD from Hong Kong. They’re a super cool Taiwanese band and I’m pretty much in love with the lead singer. It’s a live concert/movie soundtrack CD. They’re pretty good live except sometimes the vocalist gets really nasally. Other than that, I love it!

Before I finish this post, I have one more observation to make. Oh my goodness, the university is so crowded! I took Spring and Summer courses (June to August) and there weren’t many people around then. I was so used to the university being a ghost town and now that I’m back to the regular school year, it feels like there’s too many people. I totally prefer Spring and Summer over Fall and Winter!

And with that I should probably get to sleep (8 AM classes with an ~1.5 hour commute does not make a happy camper). Let’s hope for a good week!

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