FO #3: Dot’s Little Ditty Bag – Perpetually Loading

Mar 26, 2017

I made this little bag mostly while playing the MMO Blade & Soul, hence the title “Perpetually Loading.” My computer is a bit of a toaster so I managed to get a lot of crocheting done while on the loading screen. Sometimes my game would crash on the loading screen and that would mean even more crocheting for me! Unfortunately, this worked out to the disadvantage of my SO who I was playing with at the time.

This is my very first ever bag. I think it’s pretty cute! I ran out of orange yarn so close to the end so I ended up having to use green for the last one and a half rows. I was so close but I lost the chicken yarn (starting a project with a partially used skein when you don’t know if it will last the whole project).

I don’t think I would ever use it but I am so happy with it! Now, what should I do with it?

Category: Crafts
Tags: #crochet #FO