FO: Fruit Faerie Magic Scarf

Jan 13, 2019

FO stands for “finished object.” It is a term used by knitters and crocheters.

Faerie Magic Infinity Scarf

I started this one back in June last year for my cousin. I made the WIP post but I never made the FO post. I didn’t end up making it an infinity scarf, just left it as a plain old scarf. I’m not sure how much I like it. I didn’t block it so the scarf is pretty stiff.

The picture is also pretty low quality, haha! Oh well.

This worked up pretty quickly and I did like the pattern. If I ever make this again, I will definitely block it. I don’t know if blocking Caron Cakes will make it any softer but here’s hoping.

Category: Crafts
Tags: #crochet #FO