FO: Ribbed Winter Hat

Jan 14, 2019

FO stands for “finished object.” It is a term used by knitters and crocheters.

Ribbed Winter Hat

This was a toque (I don’t know why Americans insist on using “hat” for anything you put on your head) I made for my dad. I was really pleased with it but the top of it is a little weird. It doesn’t decrease with the rib, instead you have regular stitches at the top.

I do like the ribbed toque look so I might just look for a different pattern. Or maybe next time I will try to knit a toque instead.

Regardless, my dad was really happy with his hat! He put it on and then laughed to himself and kept looking at himself in the mirror with it one. It was absolutely adorable. I’m really glad he liked it!

Category: Crafts
Tags: #crochet #FO