FO: Rust Snowfall Mittens

Dec 26, 2018

FO stands for “finished object.” It is a term used by knitters and crocheters.

Rust Snowfall Mittens

For a Christmas present, I made a pair of mittens for one of my cousins. It’s supposed to match the infinity scarf I made her. My mom was the one who picked the colour! This yarn is discontinued and I only had one skein of this colour so I was slightly worried about running out. Thankfully I had plenty of yarn to spare once I finished it

Admittedly, one mitten is slightly larger than the other. I restarted it a couple times to make it smaller but each time it was better but still big. I gave up eventually. You can barely tell anyway.

The original pattern has really cute hearts but since the yarn I used is multicoloured, I opted out of adding in that detal. It would probably make it look a little too busy.

I am pretty pleased with this though. It’s my first time making mittens so I’m very happy that it didn’t turn our catastrophic. It’s a fairly simple pattern and I would totally make it again. Next time I think I will add the hearts in!

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Tags: #crochet #FO