Getting Through It

Dec 23, 2012

Christmas break is here and so is a new layout. It’s not my own, but I was just enamored by it’s simplicity. Enjoy! Whew, I finally made it through my very first semester in university. I must say, it was quite a ride. I’m glad I got through it. Finals are behind me and now I can just relax. Even though I do want to take this time to chill out and slow down the pace, I also want to be productive. I know, I know. What is there to be productive for? School’s done for the semester! I’ve actually got a couple of things that I want to accomplish during the break. In fact, I’ve actually done a couple of those things already.

Get my ID

I don’t have an ID yet, mainly because I haven’t bothered getting my drivers permit. I’m really far behind on that, maybe this summer I’ll get it (I say that all summer, every summer). Not having an ID is quite concerning, considering that I’ll be 18 before the year ends. I don’t think I’m a clubbing or party person, but I don’t want to be caught in a situation where I need an ID and I don’t have it. Plus, I’m pretty sure there has to be some law out there saying that I need to have one on my person at all times.

Renew my library card

I’m definitely getting my library card renewed! After I get my ID, that is. Once I’m legally an adult, I need photo ID to renew my library card. I can no longer rely on my parents to provide that information for me (sad face). Going along with the theme of libraries, I want to work at the library. It doesn’t have to be at a public library but any library would be good. I wish I had pushed harder for working at a university library when there was an opening there. My parents didn’t want me working during university but now I’m going to try a bit harder to convince them otherwise.

Clean out all of my e-mail inboxes

I don’t even know how or why I accumulate as much e-mail as I do. I have around five e-mail accounts, not including all of my e-mails. Prior to deleting all the unimportant e-mails, each of my accounts had around 1,000 to 2,000 (unread) e-mails, not including the ones that I have read. It’s kind of crazy. Plus there’s all the folders that I had to go through to weed out things that are out of date, and such. Call me crazy or not, but I actually did this all of yesterday. Thank goodness for the “sweep” and “filter” functions in Hotmail and Gmail. Who knew that I had 300+ e-mails from Tumblr telling me “x” person followed me, liked this, reblogged that, asked this, and replied to that?

Forwarding all of my e-mail to one account

Having more than five accounts across multiple domains is tough to keep track out. I migrated all of my e-mails to one account on Gmail. Gmail’s filters is awesome for sorting mail into different labels so I can know which e-mail came from where. Plus, it’s pretty easy to forward mail too! The only thing I have to do left is to forward all of my university mail, but for some reason it isn’t working. I’ll have to work on that later.

Catch up (at least a little bit) with my book log

To those who don’t know, I have a book log. I’m seriously so far behind with it! On Goodreads I have just over 1,200 books on my profile. I have 52 books logged in my book log. If this was Tumblr, I’d insert an obligatory *shrieks and flies into the sun* somewhere into this paragraph. I’m hoping to at least get a hundred books into the database before the Christmas break is over.

Website clean up

There’s nothing like taking out some time to do some website clean up. I have so many websites, and I really need to consolidate everything because quite frankly, I don’t have time for all of them (not that I did in the first place, haha). I’ve narrowed it down to two websites and two other websites that require very little maintenance. Right now I have around around eight or nine. Yeah, some of those got to go!

Hush hush project

One of the four websites that I’m keeping will actually be a new website. That means I’m letting go of five or six of my current websites. I don’t want to say too much about the website now, but I can guarantee that it will be up on New Years!

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