Everything At Once

Nov 30, 2009

We have a new affiliate, Sute/Himitsu-Sasshi. I adore her website! I’m so glad she is an affiliate ^^

And I’m making a new layout! Whoot! It features BGHS Marching Band. Oh of course. Haha. It’s so colourful, I love it! I’m also putting band quotes in the background. Yay!

What else, what else? I have Hallelujah in my head. We have to learn a whole new song by next week for soe District anniversay. I can already play 80% of the song! It’s actually pretty easy.

Oh yes, GREY CUP WEEK! It was so much fun. Here’s a quick summary.

Tuesday: Greeted the Rough Riders at the airport. It was pretty cool. The football players were taping/taking pictures of us on their cell phones. I saw myself on TV for like 2 seconds afterwards.

Wednesday: Played outside city hall. Watched the Grey Cup on horses. Haha. We got a group picture with the mayor! It was pretty epic. But my fingers were freezing XP

Thursday: Rough day. Saw the guy I like with a girl who also liked him. Kinda pissed me off. So we went to the Grey Cup player awards. We got to stay in this cool VIP area with a DJ! And then we got to play but a group of people were looking for their seats, standing right in front of us!

Friday: We went to Stephen Ave and did some stand and blows. We went to the street on our break and got free Pepsi and walked around in our uniforms.

Saturday: Grey cup parade! Yes! FREE BACON! And.. ELISHA CUTHBERT led the parade! I didn’t even know she was there! Like, really? Weird. Some of my friends posed with her right before the parade!

I guess that’s it for now. I wrote alot today ^^”

Bye for now!