“Gold” and School

Nov 4, 2013

Two posts in a row about Rooster Teeth. No regrets. I’ve been hanging around the Rooster Teeth website1 and just browsing around.

Now, Rooster Teeth has this original animated series called RWBY. Long story short, it’s about a group of exceptional warrior youths training to fight against creatures and terrorist groups. Cool, I know. One of the major strengths of the series is it’s soundtrack. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. The producer of the series has stated that music is a big inspiration for his work and it totally shows. They did not cheap out on the music! It really shone in the trailers, with the trailers being basically short music videos. Each main character (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang) had their own trailer, with the music for each being distinctive and revealing some hints about their personality. I personally love each and everyone and my “favourite” largely depends on my mood. I will say that Weiss’ trailer (set to the song “Mirror, Mirror ft. Casey Lee” by Jeff Williams) is my favourite a lot of the times.

Enough about the trailers! The soundtrack in the series itself2 is great as well. The opening theme is pretty top. It has great energy and wonderful riffs. Combined with the actual video… It’s pretty cool to watch. I even feel proud of RT producing something as cool as that3. That kinda says a lot, I think.

However, with the Extra Life event wrapping up, the main composer decided to treat us for our generosity. He released one of the RWBY songs early: Gold. I’m honestly super in love with it! It has a funky disco vibe. Lately I’ve been grooving to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” and have been craving for similar sounding songs. Gold is reminiscent of that sound. The bass has a very cool melody. The strings just add to the atmosphere. Don’t event get me started with the upbeat piano bits. I like it all! One of my favourite things is when it diverges back to the very typical “Jeff Williams sound,” a very warm and almost folk-like twang of a guitar. It’s just an A+ song.

In other news, I’m slowly slipping in terms of school. I just don’t feel motivation anymore. I just want everything to end. I keep telling myself that I won’t be hirable if I’m being like this but it’s hard. I think I’m losing focus again and it’s scary because I want to stick to my goal but I keep on second guessing that goal. I don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know what will happen to me in the future. I keep feeling like there’s going to be an inevitable mishap and that I shouldn’t try to put any effort in anyway if things are going to turn the way I think they are. It’s going to sound weird but I think “Gold” kind of triggered these feelings in me. It’s a great song but listening to those lyrics carefully, I strangely feel horribly empty and lost. I feel tears welling up in me when I listen to Casey’s beautiful voice promising her everlasting loyalty. It’s beautiful but at the same time, I can’t help but think, I don’t even have a friendship that closely resembles that. I’m just being really weird right now. I don’t know what to do. I need someone more than ever but I don’t even know who to go to.

_Don’t you worry about the dark

I will light up the night

With the love in my heart

I will burn like the sun

I will keep you safe and warm

Like the smell of a rose on a summer day

I will be there to take all your fears away

With a touch of my hand

I will turn your life to gold_

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  • I almost said in game music, whoops. You can see where my mind is right now. Games.  
  • However, I am not without complaints about RWBY. A post will come soon.  
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