Green Day~!

Nov 18, 2009

Well I should be fixing up my speech. Haha. But I could just wing it. I could talk about Green Day with my eyes closed. Personally, I rather it was that way. I fail at speeches so I need the piece of paper in front of me to read off from!

So my homework of today consists of downloading Green Day songs, looking up lyrics, song meanings, watching interviews, music videos, and crazy random shit that they always seem to be doing.

And on GDA (, I took a quiz. It said I was most like Mike Dirnt (the bassist). I remember taking this quiz 4 years ago and getting the same answer haha.

YESSS! Mike is my favourite anyway. Love him to death! His wife Brittney isn’t that bad either. And Estelle (his daughter) seems so cute. :3 Haha. Go Mike! Dirnt, dirnt, dirnt, dirnt!

Oh right, I’m supposed to be writing a speech.

Well, another post for another day. ;]

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