Grey Cup!

Nov 23, 2009

Who’s watching the Grey Cup next week?

To those who don’t know.

Grey Cup: The championship of the CLF (Canadian Football League). The Grey Cup game is the centre of a larger week of festivities put on by the host cities, including concerts, gala events, and autograph sessions. Also an important part of the event in the halftime show which in recent years has included major Canadian and international musical acts. (Wiki)

So. My high school marching band is going to be taking part of these activities. Which means… TV coverage! I’m going to be on TV! In Canada, that is. Haha.

Tuesday: Greet the football teams at the airport.

Wednesday: City Hall Performance

Thursday: Player Awards

Friday: Parades

Saturday: Grey Cup Parade

Sunday: Possible Performance

Well, wish me luck. I probably won’t update much within the week. ^^* Bye for now!