Happy Canada Day!

Jul 1, 2011

Like the title says, happy Canada day! Today Prince William and Kate are in Canada as we speak celebrating with us. My family doesn’t really do anything special for Canada day except for wearing red all day. Last year I spent Canada day in the States actually because of marching band. We were practicing on a football field and on the large scaffolding where the band directors stood, we hung a huge Canadian flag on it. Yeah, that was our Canada day celebration. Today, my family friend is holding a birthday party. That’s the extent of our partying for this year.

I forgot to mention this last time I blogged but my favourite contestant on Filipinas Got Talent won! His name is Marcelito Po Moy and he’s amazing. He can sing like a man and a woman. The first time I listened to him, I thought he was actually a girl even though he doesn’t look like it. I really like it when he sings in his normal voice though.

Happy Feet

However, the contestants that got second place really did capture my heart as well. They’re a two man act called Happy Feet. It consists of two brothers, one 12 (Laudito) and the other 21 (Ramonito), and they did tap dancing. At first they were voted out but they were voted back in again with an overwhelming amount of votes. Then they landed in second place with 18.22% votes (Marcelito had 19.36%).

I think their story really resonated with the viewers. You see, the Philippines is a third world country and most people have it hard. I don’t know the full story of Happy Feet but they have it hard too. They come from a poor family. The two brothers had to sell tomatoes and eat only bread everyday to finance their trip to the auditions. During the auditions, the brothers revealed that they weren’t wearing real tap dancing shoes since they couldn’t afford it, but rather leather shoes they made. Actually, they had no idea that the dance they loved so much was called tap dancing before the show. They always referred it to “happy feet dancing”.

At the end of their journey, when the grand winners were finally announced, one of the judges exclaimed that she would buy a loaf of bread for every member of their family (she’s also been reported to have bought the boys tap dancing shoes right after their audition). Although Happy Feet’s talent wasn’t as explosive and awe inspiring as Marcelito’s, there’s no doubt that they are shining example of genuine family love and perseverance.

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