Hello Snow

Dec 1, 2011

Last Wednesday, the marching band (with a few concert bandies) hosted a workshop for the junior highs in the Catholic School District. It was mostly a ploy to get junior high kids to join marching band if and/or when they come to our school. Sadly, concert band wasn’t emphasized in any way (I’m part of concert and apparently I’m inferior to marching band kids HAH I beg to differ). It was fun regardless. There was over 300 kids in total. At the end of the workshop, we all played together as one mass band. It was loud. My little brother is in junior high right now and he went to the invitational. I was so proud to see him play and such. I dote on him too much but I can’t help it.

Wow, tomorrow is December! I actually can’t believe it. Over the weekend we put up the Christmas tree. I’m ready for a nice long break (that will be spent studying orz)! My birthday is in 31 days, not including today. The only bad thing about having a birthday near the end of the year is that you’re one of the youngest people in your grade. One of my friends in my grade is already 19 (when she moved to Canada from the Philippines, she went down a grade because of language problems but still). And Christmas is in 25 days. To be honest, I’m mostly excited to do the Advent Calendar on Neopets, haha.

I’m going to sign off. It may only be 10 PM but I am dead tired.

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