Hurriedly Catching Memories

Mar 8, 2014

Writing stuff down in a list because I’m so tired but I don’t want to forget.

  • Pizza 73 is no longer a thing. They took it out of our food court on campus to replace it with Tim’s. The lack of pizza on campus makes me sad!
  • The Korean place omg. We waited for like three waves of full length lines until the order was ready. Ok.
  • I’ve never gotten shushed before, oops.
  • Campaigning, wooh! 1
  • We met one of the engineering representative candidates and he was absolutely delightful, wow.
  • Comrade did not win after all. And the presidential candidate I was rooting for didn’t either. Disappointment. But it was a great experience!
  • I’m so tired. It’s almost midnight. Ah.

  • My comrade was running for a representative for his faculty at our student council.  
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