I Bought a New Laptop

Mar 17, 2017

My SO and I have been playing an MMO called Blade and Soul recently. We were optmistic about it running on my laptop because the requirements didn’t seem too intensive and it even supported Windows 7.

It would crash at every single loading screen. Playing on the lowest settings in a 800×600 window lowered the number of crashes greatly but the loading times were still absolutely ridiculous. I even managed to finish crocheting a bag while waiting for the game to load.

Every time the game would crash or I was doing something and mentioned my laptop being slow, my SO would ask me, “When are you going to get a new laptop?” I waffled a little bit on the subject. Gaming laptops cost quite a lot. However, it’s still an investment. I imagined doing multitasking on a new laptop. I could run a VM, Visual Studio, a web browser, and maybe even a game at the same time.

My SO and I spent a couple of weeks looking at laptops and even PC builds. Obviously, I opted out of the PC build. I do want to build my own PC one day but my space is limited and funds are low. When I move out and have a stable job, that’s when I’ll take the time to build my own PC. For now, I’m settling for a laptop.

This laptop was $100 or so discounted. It still cost around $1.3k, $1.5k including warranty (in my opinion, you’d be crazy not buy something so expensive without warranty). I think it’s a pretty good price for what I got.

The main (and pretty much only) criteria we were looking for was a good graphics card. I suggested laptops from the GTX 900 series as they were cheaper but in the end, the laptop I got was a GTX 1000 series graphics card. There were others things we looked at as well, like having up to date Bluetooth, an appropriate number of USB ports, and a good size that wouldn’t be too heavy for me.

Eventually, I decided on Asus ROG STRIX GL553VD. The 16GB RAM was an added bonus for me. It was $70 over my budget of $1.2k but it was worth the extra RAM.

I put in an order on Memory Express and picked it up the next day! There was a bit of a complication. My bank has a limit on the amount you can spend on one purchase so I had to call the bank to fix it. I also had to run back to work with a very heavy box since that took longer than I thought and I picked it up during my lunch break.

After work, I went over to my SO’s place and I set up the laptop. We oohed and aahed over the shiny laptop. So far, I’m pretty happy with it!

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