I Joined a Gym

Feb 9, 2017

In an attempt to do more things in my free time, I decided to join a gym. My original plan was to go to my university gym however since I am on co-op, I no longer have the discounted membership included in my tuition. Instead, I opted for my local Fit4Less. It is an extremely more convenient location, significantly cheaper, and a good “introductory” gym for those who are just starting out. An added bonus was having a friend who had a membership at the same gym so I had a gym buddy!

Today was my first day working out with him. He was a little late so I walked on a treadmill for around fifteen minutes. Once he arrived, we got on another cardio machine. I don’t really know the name but we spent a good 30 minutes there talking about how life was going. I got a little out of breath but not really so maybe we weren’t doing it right.

Afterwards we went on the lateral row machine. I could only do three sets of ten with 50lbs. A little concerning but I’m really weak and I guess you gotta start somewhere!

It was just a quick session because it was getting late and the roads were pretty bad (half the office was working from home today). My mom was worried so we went home. It was a good solid hour spent there and we got to use the massage chairs at the end.

Hopefully we continue going!

Category: Life
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