I Moved Hosts to Network Panda

Sep 13, 2015

I’ve been with Three Words Hosting for a long time now. I can’t exactly pinpoint how long… But I still had my first domain while I was with them. I remember when I had to jump from host to host because they kept disappearing. However, when I found Three Words, I felt like I could stay there forever. Honestly, I have nothing but praise for Misaki. She’s been an outstanding host. What little downtime there is, it’s not intrusive. She sends out timely e-mails and tweets whenever there are changes. Her passion for webhosting definitely shows.

Initially, I was being hosted for free. When the packages changed and free hosting was no longer being offered, I decided to change to paid shared hosting. The main reason is because I wanted to be able to contribute for the increasing server costs. The quality of hosting was so great that it would have been a crime to not pay for it, I felt.

Now, I didn’t work last summer because I was out of the country. Our trip sucked a lot from my savings. I’m promised to get some of them repaid from my mom but it’ll take a while before that happens. Combine that with the worsening Canadian dollar (I’d give anything to have the loonie be worth more than the American dollar again), I looked at my bank account worringly. As soon as I do get a job again, I’m highly considering going back to Three Words. Their packages ARE affordable, let me be clear, but not for a compulsive buyer (I blame Steam sales) with no income (like me).

For a while, I scoured the Internet for free hosts or absurdedly cheap hosts. Most of the free hosts did not fit with my space constraints. I wanted at least 2GB of space because 1GB is just too little. Backups can sometimes suck up the space. While I did find amazing packages for less than $5 a year, I was wary. A lot of these websites were new, amateur, or seemingly inactive websites. I didn’t want to fall for another “fly-by” host who just takes my money.

Eventually, I settled for Network Panda. I was browsing a forum and saw that they were having a promotion for lifetime $0.99/month packages. I jumped on the chance. From what I found about them, they’re pretty well established. The packages themselves were great too. There were some mixed reviews but they were mostly positive. I decided to take the risk.

The payment was smooth and painless. I submitted a ticket for transferring my cPanel backup and received a reply in what seemed like within seconds. The whole process took around less than 10 minutes to have my websites restored to their former state.

So far, so good.

I mean, I’ve only been here for a couple of days but only time will tell how good Network Panda really is. If things start to go downhill, I won’t hesitate to go back to Three Words or find a new host.

So, goodbye (hopefully for now) Three Words. Hello Network Panda!

Also, I’m kinda disappointed there are no pandas on the website, like… Where’s your mascot, it’s in your company name?!?!

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