Feb 19, 2010

Today was pretty fun!! I found out that I lost 13 pounds, that I fail at trying to bench press, and that I can jump! And a lot of band things happened today.

So today was Marina’s (colour guard and clarinet) 16th birthday! And Andrew Lumapas came!! He’s for sure my hero. His YouTube vids are EPICALLY AMAZING. So amazing that I have to use all caps. Go check out his YouTube account.

Then during math I got 500 texts (I’m exagerating, obviously) texts saying that we had to come back to school at 7 to perform for the grade nine open house.

After school, band people started coming and the band instructors started playing a slideshow they showed for Post Party. It was hilarious looking and the pictures of the alumini band pictures. And cute because even some of the couples now, are still together (some, anyway). Plus we watched the Italy show! I think it was from 2007 or 2008 and called Quest or something. It was good, but nowhere as good as this year!

OMG. I met a guy, Corey, who I first met online through my grade nine friend Tai. He’s soo cute but only a kid way. I’m sure he’ll like my school for sure!

When we played for the grade nines, we kinda epically failed cause there was NO seniors but we still sounded good. I for sure hope we convinced sone grade nines to join band.

After we played some of our parade tunes me and my friend wandered off places. We ran into Tai and Corey a couple of times (they thought we were stalking them but we were circling the school while they stood in one place. Kinda hard to miss them).

So yeah, tonight was eventful. Lots of hanging out time. It’s so good to see potential bandies.