I’m Bad for the Environment

Aug 23, 2013

These days, most people are going paperless. With things like “the cloud” and thousands of web and mobile apps that can do almost anything you want, it wouldn’t be hard. However, I’m going the opposite way. I’m going back to paper.

Why on earth would I possibly want to do this?

Easy. Smartphones, while useful, also carry a lot of temptations. Sure, you can have 10 note-taking, productivity, schedule apps but you also have an Internet browser, a music player, and quite possibly, a nice library of games. For me, that is a huge con that outweighs any pros. I admit that I lack discipline, especially when it comes to technology. Adding to that, I’m also a huge procrastinator. While I don’t game a lot on my phone, it still has the Internet. Once I’m on the Internet, I don’t resurface for hours. All of those apps I just downloaded to help me? They’re forgotten as soon as I click on Chrome.

How exactly am I going to go back to paper?

I love stationary. I’ve always been obsessed with stationary. When I was younger, I’d always be designing and fantasizing about my dream notebooks. One was like an accordion, each side had a pad for different things. For example, addresses, diary, calendar, sketching, etc. My dreams are somewhat coming true, with the lovely invention called the binder. Now, I’ve been debating on whether not to buy a mini binder and make a DIY planner or to buy a ready made Filofax with some DIY elements. The former is definitely way more cheaper, but a Filofax can also double as a wallet and I’m always up for multi-purpose things (except for smartphones). Plus, Filofaxes are soooo pretty. I’ve been drooling over them for quite a while now. Except they’re so expensive. Ah!

Meanwhile, I have a day per page DayMinder that works just fine. It has a lot of space to write on, which is great. At the same time though, it’s still summer and I don’t have that much to write down. It’s still pretty great. I’m trying to get into the habit of planning my day out now before school starts. Also, I’m practicing my writing because I haven’t hand written anything in three months. Ouch! I think it’s working. Hopefully it will benefit me in the long run.

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