It Smells Like Highschool

Nov 22, 2011

Last week we got our yearbooks from last year. I dislike the fact that they give it out in the new school year since not all of those who graduated can come back and sign the yearbooks of those who were left behind. But I guess it takes a while to get all of the pictures, design each of the pages, send it to the company, physically make it, and then ship it back to us. Still, I wish they give it earlier.

Anyway, my TA (my homeroom teacher) were giving out the yearbooks and she smelled each one of them saying, “It smells like highschool.” When a couple of us laughed at her, she said, “No really! Ten years later from now, you’ll take it off your shelf, and think that it smells like high school.” Not many of us were convinced.

Does high school have a smell? When I think about it, the only smell I can think of is the jock hallway smell. Sweat and stinky uniforms. Yuck. I know people in high school who have a distinct smell but it doesn’t mean everyone smells like that. I don’t even know. Did your high school have a distinct smell?

On another note, diplomas are coming up soon. Okay, in 63 days, but I’m going to start studying now. I think the Alberta government basically screws us over with the diplomas. We’re one of the only provinces in the country who have diplomas and if a province does have diplomas, it’s not worth 50% of their mark like ours.

Some people in the government try to justify it by saying it forces kids to study. There are people who never study at all and do great. There are people who study their butts off for weeks and don’t pass. It doesn’t help us at all. It’s too much stress, especially since it contributes to the marks that universities and colleges look at. Not all universities in the world acknowledge the fact that we have diplomas that can seriously skew our marks (except for Saskatchewan but who wants to go there?). I think it’s good to have high expectations but sometimes it’s too high for most people to achieve.

As you can tell, I really hate diplomas.

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