It Sucks the Life Out of You

Feb 10, 2012

Today, my high school hosted a blood donation centre. I wanted to donate blood because, well, it’s for a good cause, right? I drank tons of water the day of and the day before so in my morning classes I was going to the washroom a whole lot. So, I went to donate blood during lunch time. I filled out a form, got a drop of blood tested for my iron level, answered some questions (sexual history, travelling, and any other things that could influence whether or not my blood is good to donate or not).

So I got all that done and went on to the dreaded donating chair. It looked like some kind of torture device, haha! The woman who prepared me was a sweet Filipino lady. When she told me to look away, and I felt the needle pierce through my skin, then I heard a “oh no.” That’s never a good thing to hear when there’s needles involved. Thankfully, she just missed my vein. That also meant that I couldn’t donate blood. “Next time!” she said. “Sorry to poke you for nothing!” I guess the only good thing was the fact that I missed part of my social class!

When I arrived I heard my social teacher complaining about how donating blood was sucking the life out of his class… Haha. Too true! We were awfully dead silent and unresponsive. Which really contrasted to my next period class where we had a work period and everyone was jumping around and yelling.

My day was kind of okay I guess. Now I’m dead tired and my arm kind of hurts. Well, I did get free pizza and two juice boxes!

Category: High School