Its Monday What Are You Reading #1 + Weekly Recap

Mar 26, 2018

BookDate has a weekly running event where we all post what we’re reading this week!

What I read Last Week

I finally finished reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done! I’ve always heard about the infamous GTD method and finally decided to read the book. I am not sure if I want to write a review for it yet because I can’t really judge how well the process works before I actually implement it.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

What I’m Reading Right Now

Reading off my phone definitely isn’t ideal so I decided to dig around my room for books that still need reading. There are quite a lot of them. I decided to pick up Wacousta by John Richardson. I had bought this novel five to six years ago and never opened it since. I decided it was high time to get around to it.

Wacousta by John Richardson

What I’m Reading Next

I definitely don’t plan that far ahead. At least not yet.

What Has Happened Since the Last Post

March has been a weird month for me. This month I’ve been in a bit of slump emotional-wise. I got sick half way through the week too so I was in a really lethargic state. Hence why I haven’t been commenting on other people’s blogs or posting anything in a while. But a lot has happened in the past month!

Over the weekend I watched Black Panther (again) with some friends. Afterwards we went to Applebee’s. I’ve never been before. I ate a lot of popcorn so I opted for a salad but the salad was a lot of food too!

It’s a running joke that I really like lava cakes and my friend bought a lava cake for dinner. I had to eat a lava cake too. It was really yummy. I regret not taking any pictures.

Afterwards we went to go get bubble tea at a place called Chatime. It was good but I had to peace out really fast since I had another thing to go to. Trains are late at night so it took a while to get there and I was late. Whoops… Regardless, it was a good time!