It’s That Time of Year Again

Dec 7, 2012

Usually I bring a textbook with me on the train to study from but today I had only one lecture and I definitely forgot to bring one. So I decided it would be good to write a blog post for once because I really do miss writing these things.

Christmas is indeed in the air! Last week in the food court on campus, Christmas carols were playing and a Santa was walking around asking for donations for some charity. I’m definitely in the holiday spirits!

My dad though is a Christmas fanatic. On the first of November, we put our Christmas tree up. Yeah. The first of November. The family was all home for once and my brother and I put up the decorations on the tree while mom sang Christmas songs and my dad took pictures of us. It was really festive but really way to early to do those things (I had fun either way).

Around two weeks ago he put up the Christmas lights. We got some really long Christmas lights from a family friend because they moved to a condo. My dad put the lights on top of the fence, around all the windows, and even on my little evergreen tree (“little” even though it’s taller than me… And I’m the older one!). As well, my dad plays the Christmas station all the time! I’m serious. When he’s driving, it’s all he listens to. And whenever he’s home and not sleeping, he’s listening to it. In the morning he boosts up the volume until it’s deafeningly loud to wake us up.

He also loves telling us about Christmas in the Philippines. When he was younger he’d go caroling door to door for food. And then they’d go play outside until midnight and light fireworks and firecrackers. It’s really cute when my dad gets in the holiday spirit. It runs off on me too!

Even though I am feeling the holiday cheer, I am absolutely dreading the days as they pass by. Why?


It’s that time of season again! My first final is this Monday, and I’m kind of terrified. Programming is pretty easy if you do all the labs and pay attention. I’m sure I’ll at least pass that one. The other ones… I’m not so sure! I’m taking a course which is kind of like chemistry. I always just seem to let it slip amongst everything else. There’s no mandatory homework except for labs and I never do any practice problems or anything. Mostly because I do have mandatory homework in the rest of my classes and I just don’t bother about my chemistry-like course. It’s really bad, I know. As much as I’d like to study that and only that until the exam, I’d probably fail the rest of my exams. Oh well, I’ll just do what I can, I guess!

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