I’ve Been a Bad Girl

Nov 13, 2013

I completely missed the last two posts entirely. I didn’t even start a draft or anything! I’m just really frustrated because this reading week has not be as busy as I would have liked it to be. I ended up watching an embarrassing amount of YouTube videos. I will try to list them all in somewhat order.

  • Rose by Lee Hi
    This kid was 16 years old when she made this song. She is so talented for someone so young! I love her husky voice and jazzy/soulful sound. Honestly, she’s super adorable too. She looks like a Lolita-type doll. So innocent and cherub-like!
  • Versailles guitar solos
    Thinking about roses and Lolitas made me think of Versailles. I went through a big Versailles phase for a couple of months. I love their symphonic power metal sound. Intense but beautiful!
  • Weird gothic metal
    How different is that from Versailles? Not much. I wanted to find some similar sounding bands to Versailles. For some reason, English-speaking symphonic bands sound silly to me?? I don’t understand how I can take Japanese men in drag more seriously than typical English speaking metal heads. I think it might have to do with the vocalists being a bit more on the higher side with a country crooning sound to them.
  • Frank Sinatra Jr.
    He was such a babe when he was younger. Rawr. But no really, 19-year-old Junior? Swoon. He’s sooo adorkable. That hair. Those lips. If I was born in that time I’d want to be a groupie, no joke. I do have to say though that his voice was definitely better when he was younger.
  • Sandara Park in the Philippines
    I don’t know how I got to the topic of Korean artists speaking different languages. Sandara Park (from Korean girl group 2NE1) lived in the Philippines for a while and actually had a career there so she can speak in English (with a thick but adorable Filipino accent) and in Tagalog as well. I just love watching her in the Philippines and speaking Tagalog because I feel like I relate to her even though I don’t even speak Tagalog.
  • Documentaries of Romany people in Russia
    One of my OCs1 is half Romany and half Eurasian/Asian (I have yet to iron out the details) but I haven’t done enough research to his Romany side. Much of his Romany side is stereotypes and cliches and I just felt like it was a poor description of him. So, research it is!
  • Documentaries about the Japan tsunami in 2011
    With the typhoon and earthquakes hitting close to home, I searched a video for the ground actually moving apart. I found a lot from Japan and one thing led to another. In particular, I watched a documentary called “Children of the Tsunami.” As you can tell, many tears were shed. This one girl wrote a diary about her fears of radiation since she was living so close to Fukushima. She read from it and talked about it with her dad by her side. She said that she didn’t want to talk about her fears to her parents and that’s why she wrote in her diary. The look on the father’s face was just so painful I immediately teared up. So many of the kids who survived wanted to become people who would save lives and prevent such disasters from happening again. It was touching.
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
    There’s this BBC show that features celebrities finding out more about their roots. I watched snippets of a lot of episodes but the only one I watched from beginning to end was the episode with J.K. Rowling in it. She’s a gorgeous woman and I was immediately enraptured by her family’s tale. I even became fond of her ancestors and it was just lovely to watch.
  • “Mixed” People Testimonials
    Since my OC is mixed, I wanted to see if there are any half Romany people on YouTube. Not the case but there are a lot of other type of mixed people on YouTube! I have to admit too, a lot of mixed people are really attractive, especially half Asians. Cut pale girls with jet black hair? Swoon.

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