July 2019 in Review

Aug 5, 2019

July was a really tough month for me. A lot of my routines fell off the wayside. I’m still recovering from it now, not 100% back on my feet yet.


Hours of Sleep

I ended with an average of seven hours of sleep. Definitely towards the end of the month, I kept snoozing my alarms more and more. So even if I’m getting “seven hours of sleep”, it probably isn’t the best quality sleep.

Hours on Phone

Hours on Phone

What did I do on the 6th to spend almost ten hours on my phone? Very interesting… It’s a good thing I’m under four hours for an average. Would like it to be lower though!

Steps Walked

Step Count

Whoops there were definitely days where I didn’t leave the house at all, haha. That’s one thing I want to do more in this month.

Top 10 Artists

Top Artists

I saw both Metric and Sharon Van Ettern this month which explains the high counts. I really got into Sharon Van Etten’s latest album and had it on repeat for a while.

I’m still riding that 2NE1 nostalgia wave. I just fall in love with them over and over again. I’m really digging the mostly women vibe with July. Loving all these artists.

Top 10 Albums

Top Albums

When I went to go see Metric, I made sure to buy Art of Doubt because I loved it so much. I really like physical copies of CDs and I felt like Art of Doubt is for sure an album I want in my sparse collection. And now it is! Emily Haines really brings a lot of everything that makes Metric, Metric in this album.

Like I said, I’m really digging Sharon Van Etten’s latest album as well, Remind Me Tomorrow. It’s super sludgy and I love sludge.

Top 10 Songs

Top Songs

its just another day. Still riding out the vibes of that video games, mixed messages.

Happy is a really cute song. I enjoyed their colourful and vibrant music video. CRUSH is a really interesting album. I think there are a lot of sappy songs on this album but they still manage to sound like bops.

Books Read

  • The Secret Loves of Geek Girls by Hope Nicholson
  • The Planner Book by Jean Sagendorph
  • Heart Berries by Terese marie Mailhot
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