Layout Trouble

Aug 10, 2009

Thanks to Olivia for pointing out my layout issue! I didn’t notice…it looked fine when I first uploaded it. So I switched to the old one while I work out the kinks. Gah!

Anyway~ I just had a party. Marshmallow roasting, kids running around, drunk dads everywhere, you know the works!

AND I saw him today. The guy I have been liking on and off for three years now. Haha. I haven’t seen him since Father’s Day and I didn’t say anything to him back then… Let’s call him… Gunther. He is so cute. My knees turn to jelly when I see him, and I can hardly talk. And surprise, when I do actually talk to him the conversations are not that bad. Gunther’s such a flirt. It’s SO weird, because I can’t tell if he likes me or not.

Oh well, since I’m going to high school in a couple of weeks I’ll get to see him more often. I hope.

Good night! My mom is ticking me off with her “Go to sleep!” screams. It’s only 9 PM. Sheesh. Wow. Bye!

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