Learning the Guitar: Week 1

Feb 20, 2017

I have been following Justin Guitar‘s lesson plans for learning the guitar.

This week I went through the first 15 beginner’s course lessons, BC-101 to BC-115. I learned the basics of choosing a guitar, posture, etc. In terms of actually playing, I learned the D chord, A chord, and E chord. The first two chords were incredibly “easy.” The chord that really stumped me was the E chord. I could not press down on the strings hard enough so that it didn’t sound muted. It got easier in the middle of the week because my fingers hurt less from pressing down on the strings so often.

The lesson I’m working on right now is trying to get the most chord changes in one minute. The idea is to aim for 30 changes in one minute. Speed is the main factor here and not so much how good it sounds.

Here are the results of my first two tries:

Chord Round 1 Round 2
D chord – A chord 17 changes 27 changes
D chord – E chord 21 changes 31 changes
E chord – A chord 26 changes 30 changes

The next couple of lessons will be more chords, I predict. I’m not quite sure. Hopefully I can stick to this for another week!

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