Link Dump #1

Nov 10, 2013

Sometimes I just want to dump links I find interesting and talk about them in a post and thus Link Dump was born. It is not a weekly feature but more of like a “whenever I feel like it feature.”

Cyanide Tea
I’m not entirely sure how I exactly came across this site but I’m sure glad I did. Cyanide Tea is a website of a team of two that creates games (mostly visual novels). Some of them are free, but not all. For a group that does this on their spare time, the quality is amazing. The art is beautiful, especially in The Elevator. I prefer the art where it’s not as obviously influenced by the more Japanese art style1. The writing is very well done, especially in The Elevator which had a great plot. What I mostly marvel at is the programming. I was definitely very curious about the programming. The great thing about The Elevator was that Cyanide Tea provided the raw scripts so that you could learn from them. The bonus is that they were Python scripts and I’m currently learning Python!

Internet Box Podcast
So in my post from yesterday, I talked quite a lot about the Internet Box Podcast. I totally wish I could write more but their content is extremely explicit and it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I think I’ll do another post on them some other day. For now, just read what I have already, if you are inclined to do so.

  • I feel so hesitant to say “anime” or “manga” style because those things are just simply the Japanese word for animation and comic books. Even though I didn’t use that phrase, I’m not entirely happy with my phrasing but I’m not sure how to word it!  
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