Long Weekend!

Nov 10, 2011

I understand that it is almost Thanksgiving in the States so others have long weekends as well. But our reasons for the long weekend are because of parent teacher interviews tomorrow and Rememberance day the after.

Speaking of Rememberance day, today was the Rememberance celebration at my school. Since I go to a Catholic school, the celebration is held at the church behind the school. It’s a short walk across the field and into the parking lot but it was chilly. There was snow on the ground but not really, so that’s always a plus.

The actual celebration was decent. The drama kids put on a homily/mini play. It’s really cheesy, especially with Rememberance day. A lot of guns and dying. But my one friend, who has a very exuberant personality was narrating half of it and she did a wonderful job. She made me tear up!

Also, I always feel some sort of emotion when they do the role call of those who died in war. Seeing all those people stand up and pin a poppy onto the cross when someone they know is called is somehow heartbreaking. Yeah, that was my highlight of my day.

I got 93% on my math midterm! It was so easy, and I’m just so happy right now. Omg. But. Physics always ruin my day. However, we’re learning about centripical force and my teacher did a demo with a bucket full of water and swung it around with a string. It didn’t spill (well duh) but the string broke the the bucket went flying. Chemistry was blah because we wrote a quiz on ice tables and I blanked. We also had a substitute so it was just a work period. On the bus, me and marie talked about jobs and scholarship. Quite exciting.

I’m pretty sure that is it for today. Goodnight!