Low Battery

Jan 21, 2019

This morning I slept in. My alarm didn’t go off since I forgot to charge my phone before I went to bed. I still woke up in time to not be late for work but it was not a good feeling to suddenly wake up in a panic, picking up my phone, seeing that it’s out of battery, and not knowing what time it was. Staring at my dead phone, I was immediately reminded of a Reddit post that I had read a couple days prior.


Most importantly, gauge your physical and mental state and back off when you get near your limit. Pro Tip, keep an eye on the charge on your mobile devices, if their batteries are low, your “batteries” are likely low as well. This is because when you are being run ragged you forget to charge your devices.

When I read this post, I was stunned but I also felt like I was called out. The past week or two, I found myself having my phone turn off on me unexpectedly because I forgot to charge it.

I admit that my energy is running low. I might need a recharge. I haven’t yet found the way that I recharge. I’ve been throwing myself into crafting lately but so far it’s just been a nice distraction. Maybe I need more sleep. More exercise. More time outside the house. I’m not sure yet. Hopefully I can find what recharges me.

Category: Life
Tags: #depression