March 2019 in Review

Apr 8, 2019


  • I’ve been in my place for a month now!
  • Started politically volunteering for the first time


Hours of Sleep

My sleep varied quite a lot this month. A lot of low dips, usually due to hanging out with my boyfriend during the weekend or random bouts of anxiety at night that make it hard to sleep.

Hours on Phone

Hours on Phone

There is a small correlation between hours of sleep and hours on phone. When I can’t sleep at night or I’m having a depressive episode, I usually spend a lot of time on my phone. Also, some of the days don’t account for the volunteering that I picked up this month. We use an app to do our work and that can skew the numbers a little bit.

Steps Walked

Step Count

I think volunteering really contributed to the high step counts. My volunteering involves a lot of walking around. Also, the grocery stores are quite far from my place and I do need to walk around to get to them. Overall, not bad for step count this month.

Average Temperature

Average Daily Temperature

Summer is coming. We finally broke the 0C! It is still kinda cold some days, especially in the morning. And wind can make a big difference. I’m still wearing my winter coat around. I do need a light spring jacket sooner or later, however.

Top 10 Artists

Top Artists

Coheed just dominating the charts as always. No surprises here. These artists are my regular go tos, I’d say. The Mars Volta is a bit of an anomaly but otherwise, pretty much on the the nose.

Top 10 Albums

Top Albums

Nightmare of You had a song I really like so I decided to listen to the rest of their album. It’s alright. I need to listen to more albums from start to finish. I have a bunch of albums that I’ve been wanting to listen to (Joanna Newsom’s Divers and all the new material from Utada Hikaru).

Top 10 Songs

Top Songs

No surprises here either. I am so predictable it’s almost boring haha. I think I do spend some time discovering music but it gets drowned out by the tried and true favourites of mine.



“Moving Out” is a category that covers the up front, initial costs of moving out. So that’s stuff like, deposits, buying furniture, appliances, tools, etc. My monthly necessities seem pretty standard. I’m glad that I’m still saving something every month instead of spending will nilly. It really puts it into perspective when I think how only 10% of my money goes towards “fun” and yet I still feel guilty when I spend fun money.

Books Read

Another sad month this month. I only read two books. Better than the one book from last month.

  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
  • I Married You for Happiness by Lily Tuck
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