May 2019 in Review

Jun 3, 2019


  • Attended my high school friend’s Star Wars themed wedding!


Hours of Sleep

Sleep was not good this month. Other than my party-hard weekends, most of it is just because of my mental health hasn’t been that great. A lot of staying up and being plagued by thoughts and turning to the Internet to distract myself from those thoughts or to actually feed my thoughts even more. That doesn’t help for sure.

Hours on Phone

Hours on Phone

I almost always spend more time on my phone when I’m feeling down and stressed. For the reasons why I stay up so late.

Steps Walked

Step Count

Going for a walk everyday is not happening, evidently. I think if I walked everyday, my step count average would probably be higher. Maybe that’s the goal for June!

Average Temperature

Average Daily Temperature

It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday! Thank goodness but also I’m not too happy about it getting too hot. I’m not great with the heat.

Top 10 Artists

Top Artists

Logic came out with his new album last month and he has some bangers that I keep listening to on repeat.

Top 10 Albums

Top Albums

I’m not sure how I feel about Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It’s a very different album from what I expected. I’d say the singles are definitely the strongest tracks, which can be a little disappointing. I think Logic just had fun with this album. Others might see it as a little too calculated, but I hope he had fun with this at least.

Top 10 Songs

Top Songs

Keanu Reeves is such a banger. I couldn’t stop listening to it for a bit. I would be sitting in the office just bobbing along to it. Confessions of a Dangerous Minds doesn’t really have any cool controversial opinions but I really dig whatever the sample is in this song. It fits the atmosphere of thhe song.

LIFE is a song that I can’t get enough of lately. It randomly came up on shuffle and I fell in love with it all over again. It was one of the many ending songs for the anime Bleach that I remember. There is something very hopeful about the song. And I love YUI’s voice. It’s very distinct. There is a touch of gentleness that makes it very down to earth. Pretty much spent an hour or two just singing along to this song.

Another song worth mentioning is DON’T CRY, LINE ME. It’s a very cute wholesome song. There’s no English translation that I can find anywhere but it’s basically a conversation about two friends and one is consoling the other.



I bought a ticket to Vancouver on an impulse. Because I wanted to see Marina and the Diamonds in concert. Also because I want to visit Vancouver.

Books Read

  • The Ladies Foursome by Norm Foster
  • Arigato, Tokyo by Daniel MacIvor
  • How to Knit Socks that Fit by Donna Druchunas
  • Relationships by The School of Life
  • Chocky by John Wyndham
  • The Pleasures of Reading in the Age of Distraction by Alan Jacobs
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