Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2011

Yesterday was my last day of school. It was pretty pointless as it was a half day and each class was half an hour long. We also had band practice in the morning! Thankfully it was cut short because the band teachers had to go carol with the other teachers at the front of the school. They actually sounded pretty good. I was expecting horrible off key belting and such but no. I’m guessing they just picked the teachers who can actually sing well. Yes, I thought it was a reasonably good start for the day.

Then I had spare which, frankly, was extremely boring. Math was a bit better. We played “Mind Trap”. It’s basically riddles and such. When I was in grade ten, I got some Mind Trap riddle cards from my Secret Santa at band. My favourite one was “If A’s peacock laid an egg in B’s backyard in Philadelphia in 1932 during the Great Depression, who would be the rightful owner of the egg?” The answer is the peahen because peacocks are males and can’t lay eggs. Yeah, I know, weird. I love riddles like those but sometimes the answers are just make me want to scream, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

My second highlight of the day was watching the Mythbusters Christmas special. I love the Mythbusters. They’re like Bill Nye the Science Guy but on steroids. The Christmas special was actually pretty cool. Adam and Jamie made a Rube Goldberg Machine out of Christmas objects and such. And then Kari, Grant, and Tory were seeing if (accidentally) dropping frozen turkeys on your pets could be lethal. Ah, ‘twas a good episode.

I think this will be my last post of the year as my holidays will be extremely busy. Family outings, studying for exams, working on my websites, vegging out, etc etc. Typical holidays, haha. Have a great Christmas everyone! Take care and be safe!

EDIT [DEC 25, 2011]

Merry Christmas everybody! Christmas day was a good day. I got a new iPod Touch because mine broke recently. I’m seriously super thankful. It’s so pretty and shiny and (eek) expensive. That means more blog posts, more procrastination, and more caution, yes?

Today we went to the early morning mass. We had to altarserve for the mass. There was only 3 of us! I think we pulled it off nicely though. Unlike last night where I made a billon mistakes. Ugh, that was kind of embarassing. The priest even got super mad at me. Opps. My parents thought it was a nice mass though. Haha, sure.

Well, the end of the year draws near. I’m starting my studying tomorrow. Doing nothing for the last three days only makes me more stressed. Merry Christmas again!

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