Jun 15, 2012

Listening to: MONSTER by BIGBANG

Fave song atm: Scream by 2NE1

Fave musician(s) atm: 2NE1 & BIGBANG

What a coincidence, the song just came up on my iPod. Anyway, a couple days ago I finally decided that I would watch BIGBANG’s new music video, MONSTER. I must admit, lately I’ve been listening to more and more K-pop these days. I’m just craving more new DIR EN GREY, however they are not inhuman and can’t churn out albums out of their asses every day of the year. new music to listen to and K-pop is new to me so there we go. Also, I have a thing for GD and Seungri, shhh.

Anyway, so my thoughts on the music video.

The beginning actually pretty cool. The prison and the gun shots and the explosions was just so epic. I enjoyed the point of view shots. For some reason I was disappointed that it wasn’t the view of actual monster but the band members. Although at the same time, I was just like ASDFGJKL BEAUTIFUL METAPHOR.

So the piano kicks in and my heart starts melting. It’s just so melancholy and BEAUTIFULLL. Then I hear TOP’s deep lull of a voice and I melt even more. And then I hear GD and I scream inside. But then Taeyang shows up and I’m like, WHAT’S UP WITH YOUR HAIR?

Seriously, I could not get over Taeyang’s hair for most of the music video. It’s just so ridiculous like… I just can’t. I don’t even know how to describe it. That’s how out of this world it is. It’s like he stepped out of a cheesy anime. I just couldn’t take it seriously.

I just started and ended that last paragraph with seriously. Wow.

The chorus was pretty good. Considering what I can understand from it. And then Seungri’s part. IDGI. Why does Seungri have two lines in every single?! Fantastic Baby. Bad Boy. Lollipop. Everything except Blue, where he sings the chorus (right? I don’t even know sorry Seungri). Anyway, another post on why I love Seungri will be coming soon.

Despite all the crazy effects, real life anime GD kicking a statue, Daesung’s metal booger, Taeyang’s wtf hair, TOP’s overall sexiness, and Seungri’s two liner, I would say that the most memorable part of the music video is the end.

In the end, GD walks out of a bunker and it’s snowing. He’s looking around, looking like number 3 from Kids Next Door with his blonde mushroom hair. But then there’s these beautiful strings that just pass through your ears and into your heart and the painful gut twisting lines.

“I think I’m sick. I think I’m sick.”

Every time I listen to this song, I’m always waiting for the end. Ugh, too good.

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