Dec 2, 2013

Last Saturday I went out with my friends to go eat lunch. I wish I took pictures but I didn’t realize my outing could be a potential blog post until yesterday, when I was writing yesterday’s blog post. I usually don’t make a habit of taking pictures of my food either. People who do that to post them on Twitter and Instagram annoy me. Sorry to everyone I just offended. I just want to eat your food okay.

But yes, we went to a small Japanese restaurant in Kensington called Muku. It was very small. The mirror paneled walls fooled me into thinking through place was bigger! Either way, the place was full. We got there and had to wait and then two families came after us! I felt bad for getting a seat before the family with little kids.

Once we got a table, it was all good. I never had “real” ramen before and it was surprisingly delicious and I’m an extremely picky eater1. I ordered tonkutso at the suggestion of a friend.  The only downside is that there was chopsticks. I don’t know how to use chopsticks! However, I refused to ask for a fork. One of my friends gave me a nice trick: just swirl it in your spoon! That’s what I did and I devoured it.

After we ate, we went shopping. First we stopped by at a candy store. I bought some Awake chocolate and some hilarious gum. I’m debating giving my TA a bar of Awake chocolate because as a PhD student, he probably needs it, haha.

Then we went to another candy store. I got some rock candy because I love them. One of my friends got a man cave sign. It was pretty hilarious. After that we went to a clothing store. I saw some washi tape (Angoo tape was the brand) and was pretty tempted to get some but I didn’t like any of the colours or patterns they had! After that, we went next door to a shop that had a”500 ugly Christmas sweaters” sign in the window. Of course, Jean Paul got one. It was super cute. The girl working there was super cute too and she was playing pretty amazing music (Coheed and Cambria). After that, our adventure was over!

It was a pretty fun day, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope to find more places that sell washi tape in this city. China town, here we come next time?

  • You don’t understand how picky I am. I’m so picky that I almost don’t want to get married because I only like to eat like three different dishes.  
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