Music Haul #2

Mar 2, 2021

Day 18 of 100 Days to Offload

In the Discord server I’m a part of I usually post a lot of stuff in the music channel that no one cares about so I decided to redirect some of that energy to my blog.

I received a gift card in the mail. It was a $180 rebate for buying contacts like 10 months ago. Holding the flimsy card in my hand, I wondered what I would spend it on. The bookshelf that I was going to get anyway? Nah. Well, I was thinking about jump starting my music collection again… So why not some good old FLACs?

@be recommended 7digital for me, a music store with a ton of Hi-Res music. I had already done a purchase there and was quite happy. But with $180 in hand, I decided to splurge a little. Here’s what I bought!

Snail Mail - Lush (2018)

I’m so tired of moving on. Spending every weekend so far gone. Heat wave, nothing to do. Woke up in my clothes having dreamt of you.

I just love the indie rock vibe of this album. This album came out in 2018 but I didn’t find out about it until 2019. This was another album with perfect timing. Snail Mail has a perfectly youthful voice (I think they were not yet 18 when this album was released) which pairs perfectly with the genuine heartbreak in these lyrics. Youthful love. Which I can still relate to.

FKA twigs - MAGDALENE (2019)

I can imagine a world when my arms are embraced around you. I lie naked and pure with intentions of cleanse you and take you. The city howls with a cry to seduce you and claim you. So it’s time. And it’s a sad day for sure.

My 2019 album of the year. I was going through a tumultuous break up and I turned to this album quite a lot. It makes sense, since this was an album FKA twigs created after her break up with Robert Pattison. A lot of emotion in this album. I couldn’t call it raw emotion, twigs really tunes into them and distills them so accurately. Nothing rough or raw about this one. It’s extremely polished. It’s an album that is great from start to finish. I wish I could experience it for the first time all over again.

Undoubtedly, my favourite song is sad day. It mirrored my feelings so perfectly.

Mashrou’ Leila - The Beirut School (2019)

My beloved, free me of my ignorance. Compensate the years that have passed me.

I SLEPT on this just because it was “just a compilation album.” I totally missed that there are a couple new songs on this album. Radio Romance is a bop and I’m still angry I didn’t go back to it when I first listened to it when it first came out. The music video for Radio Romance pretty amazing too. So cool to see animated music videos.

Mitski - Bury Me At Makeout Creek (2016)

Please, hurry, leave me, I can’t breathe. Please don’t say you love me. 胸がはち切れそうで. One word from you and I would jump off this ledge I’m on, baby. Tell me “Don’t” so I can crawl back in.

I love Mitski. Every single song on this album is just amazing. I really dig her writing style. A lot of relatable stuff on this album. I also dig her raw sound. Really “bare” instrumentals. Everything feels a little naked, exposed. Love it.

Alexisonfire - Alexisonfire (2003)

I don’t care how things were and I won’t apologize

The self titled album by The Only Band Ever, Canada’s greatest post hardcore band, Alexisonfire. I’ve loved Alexisonfire for yeaaaars. I say this a lot on my blog but I remember watching Canada’s version of MTV and watching their music videos as kid, way back in 2006! Their music still resonates with me. I remember a couple years ago I told a coworker that I was going to their concert and they said to me, “They’re an old band, aren’t they?” An oldie but a goodie.

Admittedly, their self titled album isn’t my ultimate favourite but there are some good classics on this album. .44 Calibre Love Letter, the first track on the album, being one of them. A lot the songs sound a little similar. George Pettit, the unclean vocalist of the band, definitely had a distinct style on this album.

Alexisonfire - Watch Out! (2004)

So make sure you love like you’ve never been hurt. And when you dance, dance like there’s no one watching you

Another classic Alexisonfire album. Honestly, I’m not sure what is a bad Alexisonfire album. A LOT of hits on this album too. Just to name some of my favourites: Accidents, Side Walk When She Walks, Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama, No Transitory, Sharks and Danger, White Devil, and Get Fighted. That’s actually a lot more songs than I realized. I really wish they played Get Fighted when I saw them in concert…

Alexisonfire - Crisis (2006)

Poor little tin man, still swinging his axe even though his joints are clogged with rust

The album that started it all. Of course, This Could Be Anywhere In The World was the number one hit, an anthem for anyone, anywhere in the world. I never liked “screamo” as I called it back then. However, the mix of Dallas Green’s beautifully clean vocals against Pettit’s vocals made it more palatable to me. Honestly, when I think about it now, if it wasn’t for Alexisonfire, I probably would have dismissed a large amount of the music I love today. They were the gateway drug to metal for me.

Some other favourites of mine are Boiled Frogs, We are the Sound, Keep it On Wax, and We are the Sound. We Are the Sound is such a fun song to listen to live. Screaming along to George and Wade. Ugh, I want to go to a concert!

Alexisonfire - Old Crows (2009)

Brother! There is no charity for the common man when he is in need of relief. They say just hold onto your hope. But you know if you swallow your pride you will choke

Man, Alexisonfire was woke back in 2009. Midnight Regulations is one of my favourite songs off this album. The song talks about people just barely living, always in hope for something better, not realizing the oppressive forces of the rich. Preach. Accept Crime is a pro LGBTQ+ song, condemning policing relationships “between two beating hearts.” Young Cardinals is another fun song to be in the crowd in at a concert. The Northern is a concert staple for Alexisonfire but I have to admit, I don’t like that song as much. Depends on my mood.

Deep Sea Diver - Impossible Weight feat. Sharon Van Etten (2020)

On my way, it’s okay. Picking up the pieces, put ‘em down. Stutter in my heart from the hurry up. Stop dragging my heels around.

This song came up on my release radar because I LOVE Sharon Van Etten. This was a great feature. I’ve never heard of Deep Sea Diver until this song. They’re pretty good! Admittedly, SVE’s verse makes this song for me. The chorus is also pretty good.

FKA twigs - M3LLI55X (2015)

Look a little harder. Everything I hold is wet and I’ve never tasted glass and patron

This is jut a short EP by FKA twigs but each song is really a masterpiece. I’m trying to pick a favourite out of the five songs but they’re all so good! I love this EP, I have no fancy words to describe it. It’s dark and complex and so extremely creative. I truly think FKA twigs is one of the best musicians we have today.

Mashrou’ Leila - Raasuk (2013)

When you dare ask about the decaying situation they shut you up with slogans and conspiracy. The herds called you a traitor every time you asked for a change. They made you miserable until you sold your freedom for the country.

This album is SO GOOD. I want a vinyl of it. It’s quite a change from their self-titled album. It’s a little more poppy compared to the previous one. A great bridge to their next album, Ibn El Leil. Too many great songs. Abdo, Ala Babu, Taxi, Skandar Maalouf, Lil Watan, Bishuf, Raasuk, Wa Nueid, Bahr… I just realized I listed the entire album. Lil Watan is obviously a standout. The start of their really danceable club worthy tunes. The bass. The synth. The violin. Hamed’s voice. Too good!

Mashrou’ Leila - Ibn El Leil (2017)

Cure me with a pill when I fall. Don’t deny my the bottle when I fall.

Was this album really from 2017? Seems like such a short time ago! Anyway, I already expressed my thoughts on this album here.

Mashrou’ Leila - Cavalry (2019)

You and your cavalry, you got nothing on me

Both the Arabic and English versions of this song are bops. I remember when this first came out on Spotify. I was still living at my parents and dancing to it in the washroom. The violin at the end… Argh, Haig! Too good! And the vocal effect on Hamed’s voice… Wow. An instant hit for me. I want a remix where the last bit is repeated into infinity. I’d dance to that all night.

Metric - Art of Doubt (2018)

Can I send this kiss right to you now? ‘Cause the risk belongs with you somehow. Can I return this kiss that you gave? Already know it’s borrowed anyway. Was the risk I sent to you received? All the words we say to be believed? I’m already over the thrill of pursuit. Where can I take the risk I took with you? Send this kiss to someone new?

This album is in my top ten. It was good timing too, a lot of the themes on this album resonated with me. In summer of 2019, Metric actually came to perform in my city and it was SO GOOD. I had the time of my life. I was standing near the front. I also made a friend at the concert who I saw in other concerts later that year.

Metric has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. I remember watching the music video for Poster of a Girl back in 2006. Live It Out was such a good album, I was disappointed they didn’t play any songs from it when I saw them in 2019.

Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow (2019)

Touching your face. How’d it take a long, long time to be here? Turning the wheel on my street, my heart still skips a beat. It’s echoing, echoing, echoing, echoing, echoing.

2019 came out which a bunch of albums that were perfect timing for me. Remind Me Tomorrow is a beautiful album. It was a bit of a departure from what I knew of Sharon Van Etten at that point: raw vocals and acoustic guitar. This album introduced a lot of synthetic sounds which was super cool.