Musical Finds

Mar 24, 2014

Man, lately I’ve just been scouring the Internet (okay, YouTube) for new music. I’m so hungry for new music! Anyway, here are my findings.

Buhar Jerreau
These guys are at the top of my list at the moment. They’re a hip-hop/rap group of three guys from Kazakhstan. According to translations of their lyrics, I find them to be extremely talented at song writing. I really am in love with the beats of their songs (I don’t know rap lingo…). They all just make me bob my head. It helps that all of them are really attractive too. From what I could find, they have a dozen or so songs released but not much.
Favourite song(s): Мост1, Текстиль2, 4983

Yeng Constantino
She’s definitely not new to me but my love her has rekindled in the form of this duet cover of Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko (Even Though My Hair is White). I really love Yeng’s voic. So soft and pure. I suspect some autotune in this track though, but that’s not to say all autotune is bad. We already know Yeng has a great voice, so it’s no insult to her. But yes. Her voice in this song makes me melt. She recently got engaged (not to the dude in the video) so I feel like her feelings in singing this song was genuine.
Favourite Song(s): Panginoon (Lord)4, Josephine5

在日ファンク (Zainichi Funk/Japan Funk)
I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled across this band. Their a jazz/funk band from Japan. They get accussed of (I say accussed because it almost always has a negative connotation to it) of being a James Brown rip off. I personally have no problem with this because they are amazing. The live band with instruments are so top. The vocalist has a distinct voice and yeah, it’s totally James Brown at times. If you watch performances, you can see the vocalist has moves. Man. Dude can dance!
Favourite Song(s): 嘘 (Uso/Lie)6, 爆弾こわい (Bakudan Kowai/Scary Bomb) 7

Another musician from Japan. Apparently her name is Miwako Shimizu. She has a very soft crooning sort of voice that hipsters would absolutely love. I’m no hipster but I’m still super in love with her! She sings almost entirely in English, I think. Her voice is so soft that sometimes it can be hard to understand her but her accent sounds like it’s English (as in London, England). It seems so fluent! And her lyrics are top notch too. Pretty much almost at Joanna Newsom’s level of song writing.
Favourite Song(s): Keep Silence8

Astrud Gilberto
A Brazilian bossa nova from the 60s. I absolutely love her voice. Like I said, I’m not a musician but her voice at time sounds a bit monotone or flat but it still manages to bring a sense of personality into her music and creates a unique atmosphere. I love her voice and the songs she performs! She also has a cute accent. She was also pretty cute back in the day.
Favourite Song(s): How Insensitive9, Fly Me to the Moon10

Hitomit Takahashi
Ugh, I forgot she existed! She did some theme songs for a couple of animes (Bokutachi wa no Yukue for Gundam SEED Destiny is the one that introduced me to her) but after I finished the anime, I barely touched any of her other songs. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to check out if she had new songs. She did! I barely recognized her, voice and face wise. She changed so much! Was Gundam SEED Destiny that old? Answer is kinda (10 years ago, wow).
Favourite Song(s): Wo Ai Ni11, MUSIC12

Last and certainly not least, is MEG. I love MEG. I’m utterly in love with MEG. She’s beautiful. She doesn’t have a strong voice and usually relies on heavily mixed and autotuned songs but they’re still catchy and great. There is something about her that captivates me. She knows she’s cute and sexy and she owns it and she sells it. She’s also a fashion designer and wow, her clothes are A+, I think (I don’t know about fashiion, haha).
Favourite Song(s): TRAP13,WEAR I AM 14

  • [x] The music video is really well done. This is a song with a REALLY catchy beat. The chorus is really simplistic but it just hooks you.  
  • [x] The comments on the video is all about T.O.P, lol. The main dude, I don’t know their names yet, has a voice a lot like T.O.P’s in this song. Another song with a catchy beat. I love the industrial booming sound.  
  • [x] This has like a mishmash of styles. It has a slight “I Got a Boy” feeling to it in terms of the mishmashing. I admit, my favourite part is at the end when the song is consumed by the melody. Gives me chills.  
  • [x] Love how God fearing Yeng is.  
  • [x] Very innovative in terms of OPM music. None of the recycled ballad shtick. Very calm and relaxing as well.  
  • [x] Very calm and smooth. The vocalist may be trying too hard to be soft, his voice wavers a lot or is that intentional vibrato? I will never know because I’m not a musician. Still love the song though.  
  • [x] This song is so high energy! I love it! It’s also super catchy. I want to dance around and sing along.  
  • [x] I song that I think I can related to. There’s something magical about it. Very whimsical.  
  • [x] The song that started it all. I loved it because her voice really added to the “cold” and “unmoved” aspect of the song.  
  • [x] I love Frank Sinatra but I love pretty much every version of Fly Me to the Moon except for his original version. Do I love this version? yes.  
  • [x] Technically Hitomi features in this song but omg. Might as well give her the song if she sings 90% of it, right? That said, I love BEAT CRUSADERS as well. This song is so cute and energetic. I want to jump around when I listen to it.  
  • [x] Very simple song but very catchy. Not used to Hitomi with long hair. I don’t know if it suits her. Her voice though. I can hear a little bit of the old Hitomi but not too much.  
  • [x] Omg. Omg??? OMG??? This song is really chic, sexy, and sophisticated. Has a lot of “Paris” influence and wow, the clothes. MEG really sells this song. Every time I listen to it or watched the video, my heart races and I’m always singing along. I fell for your trap, are you happy now MEG?  
  • [x] I honestly don’t know what to say because I’m so tired I just want to go to bed. I like this song okay. It has a “TRAP” feeling to it in that wow, MEG is hot and her voice is hot.  
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