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Dec 31, 2018

2018 was a rollercoaster of a year. It felt like the longest year of my entire university career. So much had happened in the past twelve months that I never thought it would be possible to live so much in such a time span.


When I write it out like that, it doesn’t really seem like a lot but I don’t think I’ve ever had such an eventful year!

Music Stats

I keep track of all the songs that I listen to via

Spotify Stats

Spotify Stats

I am surprised I listened to so much Coheed and Cambria. I was for sure thinking that Alexisonfire would be on top. I also am surprised Metric made it high up on the list as well. They’re coming to Calgary and I am SO TEMPTED to go to their concert. Marina and the Diamonds is a nice surprise. I listened to a lot of her during my break up. A lot of her songs are good for that. So are Daughter songs. But I was also just obsessing over the soundtrack they made to the Life is Strange game. Top Artists

Top Artists

1. Coheed and Cambria

No surprise here! I fell in love with their album and took many trips down memory lane before and after seeing them in concert.

2. Alexisonfire

Ditto for AOF. Seeing them in concert was definitely probably the #1 highlight of this year.

3. Daughter

They have a certain calming quality to their music and it’s just the right amount of angst.

4. My Chemical Romance

So much nostalgia for this band. Their music still is banging today.

5. Metric

I still haven’t listened to their latest album, I’ve just been rocking out to their old tunes.

6. L’Arc~en~Ciel

Wow, just looking at that artist picture brings me back. No year is ever complete without some L’Arc~en~Ciel

7. Childish Gambino

This is a bit of a surprise. When This is America came out, I was in New York and (as a Canadian) for some reason that just made the song. Every time I listen to it, I think of and miss New York. Also, Childish Gambino has a lot of over rocking songs too.

8. Billy Talent

There are three Canadian hits on this list. Billy Talent is one of them. I definitely went into nostalgia overdrive with Billy Talent this year. Top Albums

Top Albums

1. Vaxis I: The Unheavenly Creatures

Album of the year, hands down. I love this album a lot. I still don’t know where I would rank it within C&C’s discography.

2. Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume I

This is the classic C&C album.

3. Watch Out!

Another classic album. I don’t know if this is my favourite AOF album but there are a lot of good songs here.

4. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

The best My Chemical Romance album. I think there’s probably one or two songs I don’t like from this album.

5. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

Seeing C&C in concert really makes me appreciate their older albums that I initially dismissed. This is one of those albums.

6. The Afterman: Ascension

I am still pissed Coheed didn’t play any songs from The Afterman because this is my ultimate favourite album from them. To compensate, I just listened to this album over and over again.

7. Music from Before the Storm

This is a video game soundtrack and it’s so good. I played Life is Strange: Before the Storm and I’m extremely happy with the music Daughter composed for it. It fits the atmosphere extremely well.

8. Crisis

The album that sparked my love for Alexisonfire. It’s a little hardcore-lite but man, it was enough lite for me to get into them 12 years ago. Top Songs

Top Songs

1. Modal Shanghai by plasterbrain

This is why Spotify stats aren’t always accurate. They don’t count songs you’ve downloaded. I am in love with this song. There’s a hint of nostalgia to it even though I just found out about this song this year. It brings up memories that feel close to me even though they aren’t even memories that have actually happened, if that makes any sense at all.

2. No Care by Daughter

The ultimate breakup song. I’m pretty sure a lot of songs on this list are breakup songs. I like listening to music when I feel sad.

3. Sober by Childish Gambino

This song is just so hecking catchy and it’s another breakup song.

4. Burn it Down by Daughter

There is just so much teenage Chloe angst in this song, I can’t help but connect it to the video game every time I listen to it. The part where Elena goes, I feel down, I feel down, I feel down. Chills everytime.

5. Youth by Daughter

Yet another breakup song. This song sounds hopeful in a way but man, it is definitely not.

6. Dressed to Suppress by Metric

God, I love Metric. Emily Haines is a master at lyricism. Dressed to Suprress is so clever and witty. And the song just hits to the core. Emily says about the song: “Lyrically, the song explores the maze of conflicts we encounter in our attempts at finding and holding onto love; the absurd mating rituals we routinely perform; and the vast divide between the desires our appearances can imply and the way we actually feel inside.” We reach for the things we idolize/But the rings are just for show. Emily, please.

7. Losing You by boy pablo

Bless boy pablo. He and his band are so charismatic in a goofy teenage way. A bunch of kids just having fun. But this song is really heartfelt and I like it.


2018 needs some k-pop and LADIES CODE delivers. This song is very slow, sexy, but melancholic. Sojung just nails this song and it kills me every time.

9. The Rain by LADIES’ CODE

This song is very similar to GALAXY but it has just the right amount of upbeat tempo to make it a bop instead of a depressing, “this is the first song we’ve released since two of our members died in a car crash” kind of song.

10. Divers by Joanna Newsom

I can’t have 2018 without Joanna. I finally bought her Divers album but I have been avoiding listening to it for some unknown reason. I’m scared I’ll get distracted listening to it and I want to be in the right mood. This song is absolutely beautiful.

25 Before 25 Goals

1. Graduate from university - Done

Done and done. :)

2. Move out of my parents’ house - In progress

Working on it! I’m looking to max out my TFSA first and then save an additional $10k. I will probably not be able to move out before I’m 25 but maybe shortly after I turn 25!

3. Max out my TFSA - In progress

I am right on track for doing this before the end of 2019!

4. Open an RRSP account - In progress

Thankfully, my work provides options for RRSP matching and I’m waiting to set that up in the new year.

5. Get a full time job in my field - Done

Woohoo, I got a job! It’s a software development job and I couldn’t ask for more. I enjoy it a lot.

6. Read 150 books/50 books per year - In progress

I may have cheated this year and read way too much manga to throw my count up to 50. Next year I need to read more actual books.

7. Finish the Dragon Age series - In progress

I don’t know how in the world I am procrastinating on a video game. I recently restarted one of my saves so maybe that’s why.

8. Make my own TCG - Worth it?

A couple years ago, when TCGs were still in vogue, I really wanted to make an Asian music related TCG. Bottom line is, it’s a lot of work to make the cards, I don’t know how popular TCGs are anymore, and I’m not sure if people even like Asian music that isn’t K-Pop these days.

9. Finish my Pomodoro app project - Haven’t started

This is on the list. Not sure when to start working on this.

10. Make a book review website - Haven’t started

I want to resurrect my book review website so badly but I am procrastinating so hard on it.

11. Get my driver’s license - Haven’t started

I am currently looking for someone who is okay with risking their life to teach me how to drive, any takers?

12. Make friends outside of the tech bubble - Done

I finished this earlier this year!

13. Get fit - …

I’m cancelling my gym membership this week so you probably know the status of that one.

14. Floss more regularly - In progress

This is still pretty sporadic on my part. I need to floss more! How do I floss more??

15. Drink. More. Water. - Done?

At work I drink so much water. I refill my water bottle all the time. I don’t know why but working has made me a lot more thirsty.

16. Learn how to actually cook - In progress

I’ve only been baking lately. I recently got a coupon for Good Food from a coworker and tried making some of the meals. Does that count as cooking? They needed to be oven baked. Is that still baking or is it cooking??

17. Travel internationally without family - DONE

I went to New York with some friends, without any of my family members tagging along! Whoo!

18. Konmari ALL of my things - In progress

I am still konmari-ing my clothes. Still. I keep accumulating more and more clothes. My closet is stuffed. Gah!

19. Get drunk for the first time - Done

I didn’t get blackout drunk like I wanted but I think I’m good for getting drunk. Maybe a beer at work on Fridays or wine during a fancy meal.

20. Get my CCNA certification - Given up on

I don’t see this as valuable anymore as I finally got my foot in the door into software development. While studying for CCNA is a lot of fun, I don’t want to pay the $300 for an exam I may or may not pass.

21. Attend Zoo Lights - Haven’t started

Might have to postpone this one to December next year!

22. Get a grasp on my depression - Going to start soon

Now that I have a job, I’ve been thinking about going back to counselling now that I can afford it. I’ve been digging out the self-esteem workbook and looking at it from time to time. Things have been quiet recently and when things get quiet, I get into my head too much. I don’t want to be busy just to distract myself.

23. Continue my pen pal relationship - Maybe?

I sent a Christmas card to Rich the other day. I still don’t feel comfortable enough to give my home address out and P.O. boxes are expensive. I might have to postpone this one until I move out.

24. Go to a concert - Done x 3

I not only went to one concert, I went to 3+ concerts!

25. Make a dent in my to-watch movie list - Soon

I finally made my list. A lot of classic anime like Akira and general classics like Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, etc. I’ve been watching Netflix a lot while knitting and crocheting so this seems doable.

Books Read in 2018

  1. Getting Things Done by David Allen
  2. Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam
  3. The Wallflower Volume 1 by Tomoko Hayakawa
  4. Library Wars by Kiiro Yumi
  5. Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn
  6. Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery
  7. The Knitting Sutra by Susan Gordon Lydon
  8. The Unreal and the Real by Ursula K. Le Guin
  9. The Left Hand of Darkness by Urusula K. Le Guin
  10. The Sky is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith
  11. GTD in 15 Minutes by Erlend Hamberg
  12. Talking to Ourselves by Andres Neuman
  13. Jane Eyrotica by Karena Rose
  14. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami
  15. Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
  16. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  17. Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata
  18. Wealthing like Rabbits by Robert R. Brown
  19. Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata
  20. Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami
  21. The White Book by Han Kang
  22. Definitely Maybe by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
  23. The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
  24. BUtterfield 8 by John O’Hara
  25. Gokusen by Kozueko Morimoto
  26. Red Haired Anne Volumes 1 & 2 by Yumiko Igarashi
  27. Sasameke Volume 1 by Ryuji Gotsubo
  28. Beauty and Sadness by Yasunari Kawabata
  29. Deep Work by Cal Newport
  30. Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson
  31. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
  32. 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam
  33. Multiple Choice by Alejandro Zambra
  34. The Hours by Michael Cunningham
  35. Rememberance by Alisatir MacLeod
  36. No Time to Spare by Ursula K. Le Huin
  37. pink by Kyoko Okazaki
  38. Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu Volumes 1-10 by Tomohito Oda
  39. First Knits by Luise Roberts
  40. Racism Explain to my Daughter by Tahar Ben Jelloun
  41. Do Not Interrupt by Stephen Kuusisto
  42. The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes

Goals for 2019

Outside of my 25 before 25 here’s what I want to do this year:

  • Don’t spend too much money on yarn
  • Knit and crochet more things!
  • Socialize more (as I say every year)

What about you? What did you accomplish in 2018 and what do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

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