My Current ATM Playlist

Jun 15, 2012

I usually create an “ATM” playlist that features all the songs I want to listen to on repeat. Here they are as of June 15, 2012.

  • Koishikute (cover) by Aokicchi

    Koishikuteeeee. This girl has a pretty voice.

  • Bad Boy by BIGBANG

    I really like it when GD sings okay.

  • Last Farewell by BIGBANG

    I don’t want to be without you girl~ Found by GD making mistakes lol.


    Yes. Just yes.

  • Hyperballad by Björk

    Because of Robin’s cover. Beautiful and relatable.

  • Pagan Poetry by Björk

    Simple yet intricate. I love Björk. Hot dang, this song is so beautiful.

  • Hoshi no Nai Yoruni by DELUHI

    I need to listen more to these guys because this is the only song I know.

  • Ain’t Afraid to Die by DIR EN GREY

    THIS. SONG. CRYING. It’s beautiful. Diru ballads. Ughhhh.

  • Secret Letters by HYDE

    This song just puts you into another world. Love love love it.

  • Karakuri by Ikimono Gakari

    It’s the live version and I love it. The girl is so cute and so is her voice.

  • Only Human by K

    Brb while I cry my heart out k.

  • All Dead by L’Arc~en~Ciel

    The guitar. THE GUITAR.

  • 4:00AM by Luna Sea

    Seductive. Bass. Line.

  • Vs. by Misono

    Koda Kumi’s sister needs more recognition.

  • I Don’t Care (cover) by MoA

    A cover. So pretty.

  • Lonely (cover) by MoA

    Another cover. English version.

  • Fressia by MUCC

    New sound from these guys but surprisingly still cool.

  • Kamikaze by NoGoD

    A couple months ago I complained about how they were becoming less metal. 16 YR OLD ME LISTEN TO THIS.

  • Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range

    An oldie but a goodie.

  • M.F.P. by Sadie

    This band makes quality songs.

  • Lovers by Seven Opps

    Because my brother has Internet radio stations on his PSP.

  • Utakata by SPEED

    Because a YT cover.

  • Bad by Tablo

    Because good song.

  • For Miles by Thrice

    Dustin’s voice is like an angel. An angeeeel.

  • Like Moths to a Flame by Thrice

    I love the double symbolism. I take this song literally and relate it to the Bible. Other Thrice fans foam at the mouth at fans like me (queue 2NE1′s idc).

  • Red Sky by Thrice

    And she could take your lifeeee. With just one kiss.

  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Tommy February6

    Tomoko has the cutest voice in the world.

  • Stay Gold by Utada Hikaru

    I love The Outsiders. And Utada does justice to this song.

  • Hikari by Utada Hikaru

    Forever a classic. It’s like THE SONG for most new Japanese music fans.

  • Koishikute by UVERworld

    The one and only original song. It’s just do beautiful I always want to cry. Guuuuh.

  • Catharsis by Versailles

    Boss guitar and timpani. It’s so epic. And the drums. Hnnng. This song is great on all levels.

  • The Umbrella of Glass by Versailles

    A very beautiful song. Love the strings in this. Very melancholic. I love the Spanish-y influenced guitar.

  • Windress by Versailles

    THIS SONG. THIS SOOOONG. By far one of my favourite Versailles song to exist, ever.

  • Bright Red Garden by ViViD

    I think we all know I like ViViD. I still have no idea what they look like other than the fact that the vocalist has buck teeth. Hrm.

  • Hoshi no Ame by ViViD

    My all time favourite song by this band. I love it. And this song live is actually soooo good.

  • Trail of Tears by ViViD

    Another good song by ViViD. Kinda similar to Hoshi no Ame but not really.

  • Be Strong by Yazumi Kana

    A feel good, let’s pump up kind of song. Heard from the PSP.

  • Mister (Japanese cover) by Zessei Bijin!

    This group is an online YouTube cover group. They specialize in super cute girl groups. This song is just soooo cute. I love the chorus. Catchy. And every time I watch the music video. Those dance moves. I am entranced by Kana’s hips. Also. Tonkhai totally shines in this song. Love it!

  • Scream (cover) by Zessei Bijin!

    It’s such a shame, a lot of their songs don’t start out that great but get better as it goes on. Hence all the dislikes on this song. I love Tonkhai’s CL part. A bit low though. The opposite of a falsetto? Hehe. Beibei stole the show though. Almost better than the original. If only Minnie sang on tune a bit more but her voice is cute so it’s forgivable.

  • Ugly (Japanese cover) by Zessei Bijin!

    Another song that doesn’t start that great. But the rest of the parts are perfect. Perfect. Beibei nails it. The chorus is okay though. Someone’s releases are annoying.

  • Scream by 2NE1

    The real deal. THE REEEAL DEAL. I love Minzy’s rapping. Pretty dece. And CL. GUURL stop being so attractive. My only qualm about this song is Dara’s part. It’s a bit weird and out of place. :/ I don’t know how to describe it. But she sings it well just… Yeah. Bom’s part. Bom I love you. I love youuu. Also. Girl crush on Minzy. She’s so attractive.

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