My Reading in 2011

Dec 8, 2011

Whoot~ I got 94% on my chem test! However, I wrote a physics test today and I just know that didn’t go very well. I have a math test tomorrow so as soon as I finish writing this post, I’m going to go study.

Last year around this time, I set a goal for myself: read 100 books before 2011 ends. I’m an avid manga reader and I can finish one volume of manga in an hour so a week into the challenge I found that I was already a quarter of the way through the challenge (keep in mind this was during winter break, haha). So I increased my goal to 500 books. That went along nicely… Until summer came. During the summer, I read very little. Maybe 5 physical books at the most. It’s now December and I’ve only read 348 books out of the 500 books. I really want to accomplish my goal but that’s impossible if I want to actually study over the winter holidays because well, my future depends on it. I’m thinking to change my goal to 400+ books but it feels like I would be cheating the challenge. I am very tempted to do it…

I took part in many other book challenges this year as well. Such as a colour coded challenge (reading a book with every colour of the rainbow in the title), manga challenge (I exceeded my goal of 100, of course), 1st in a series challenge (I’ve read 10 out of my goal of 20 since I last updated it), and off the shelf (read 30 books that you have but haven’t touched, I’ve only gotten 7 out of 30 although there are some books which I no longer own on that list).

What are the most memorable books of the year so far? Easy peasy!

We Were There We Were There by Yuki Obata
High school life is one huge rollercoaster for Nanami Takahashi. Boys, drama, and everything else. When she meets Yano Motoharu, he is the one constant in everything that is changing.

This manga series is incomplete but I've ready everything that is currently available to English readers. It is full of angst. To those who don't like angst, it may seem like it's unnecessarily angsty but I beg to differ. There can never be too much angst! It's not so much like your typical love story. The characters are extremely hard headed and you never know what they might do. There's always surprises about them that keeps you guessing and wanting to know more. Yeah, I stayed up until 3 in the morning reading this and bawling my eyes out (quietly though as not to wake the parents).

      <strong>Everything I have read by Ai Yazawa</strong><br /> I have ranted on too much about Ai Yazawa's amazing skills as a mangaka (comic book artist). If you really want to read it, you can see it <a href="">here</a>.

          <strong>Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck</strong><br /> <em>Of Mice and Men takes us into the lives of George and Lennie, two farm workers set out to find their way to a new life. In true Steinbeck form, this short novel explores both loyalty and the transient nature of mankind. (Summary from <a href="">Goodreads</a>).</em></p> 

            I read this book for English and I loved it. I read a review for the book once and the reader said, "This book made me realize that the human mind's need for companionship is frighteningly scary" or something along those lines. I agree wholeheartedly. To those who have not read this book (it's short and not that time consuming!), I highly recommend you read it. </td> 

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