My Week #10

Mar 9, 2014

Last week was supposed to be busy week but not much happened really, on the productive front anyway. My friend was running in our student election on campus and I swear, I lost weight just by walking around taking down posters after the election was over and walking around with him while he tried to persuade the general public to vote for him. It was a great experience but man, I did not accomplish as much as I wish I did!

On Monday, you can see that one of my friends took my Filofax and wrote in, “♥ Hi!! Don’t work too hard!!” when I went to the washroom. Sneaky, sneaky, haha. It definitely put a smile on my face when I noticed it there! Don’t worry friend, I don’t actually work that hard. Writing down the stuff I need to do is only half the battle. I’m such a slacker…









Category: Organization
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