My Week #2

Jan 13, 2014

My second week in my shiny new Filofax! I just realized my major design flaw with my inserts: did not label the times for the weekly part of the inserts. It’s okay though, I’m not so busy that I don’t have time to scribble them in.

A note about how I write stuff down:

Half-filled square: Attempted task but did not finish.

Striked out: Task no longer needs to be done.

Arrows: The number of arrows next to a task denotes how many days went by without doing said task.

Exclamation mark: Important task that must be done that day.

Question mark: Of very low importance and will not be done unless everything else is done OR it may or may not be able to do the task.

Solid dot: An event that happened or something I need to remember but isn’t exactly a task.









Category: Organization
Tags: #filofax #my week