New Layout and Some Other Things

Jul 26, 2012

Yes, after a couple of months, I’m somewhat back! And with a new layout as well. I rather like this one more than the previous one. They were both still extremely simple, but I’m not a talented designer. I just like writing a lot (I think). With Brokenphrases, I wanted the layouts to be similar to each other. As in, using certain elements (in this case, the logo and the broken two-coloured circle) but with a different structure. I moved the sidebar over to the right (oooh, revolutionary) and removed the footer. There are still some kinks here and there, mostly in the pages and such.

This new layout is supposed to reflect a new change in Brokenphrases. You can see in the nav that there are three new links. Life, music, and books. “Life” is all of my posts about, well, my life. This will lead you back to Brokenphrases. However, “music” and “books” will direct you to my subdomains that are specific to those things. As well, I’ve installed a plugin that will have posts from those subdomains showing up here on Brokenphrases. All this fancy talk is kind of confusing, so just go click on the link yourself.

On my subdomain blogs, they also have a new layout that is similar to Brokenphrases. I want to emphasize the link between all three blogs. Eventually I will link “my photoblog” (Tumblr =P) here to Brokenphrases as well. But I’m not used to the Tumblr layouts so that will have to wait.

The main reason why I did this is because I realized I was posting more on my side blogs rather than on here, Brokenphrases. I’ve been blogging here and there since April (still not as much as I would like to be though) but it has been happening. Then I realized that not everyone notices my other blogs, or even knows about it. Hence, the linking of my three blogs.

But the reality is, I probably still won’t blog as much, despite these new developments. University is coming up, and lol, engineering. From now on, I’m just going to post as much as I can. But yeah, that’s my PSA of the day.

Currently, summer is decent. My dad leaves for the Philippines this Saturday for two weeks. My grandfather isn’t doing so well. He was pretty sick last week, which is why my dad booked a flight. Just two days ago my grandfather was hospitalized. It sounds serious. My aunt (from my dad’s side, obviously) and her kids yesterday came over. They’re going to the Philippines as well and staying for around a year. My aunt tried Skyping some of my relatives but it didn’t work. Since my aunt doesn’t have the best financial situation, she had to use our phone to call the Philippines. It was kind of distressing to hear her try to talk to my grandfather. A lot of crying. I really can’t take any crying. I hope my dad makes it in time. Minus the situation, I’m quite jealous of my dad, actually. I miss the Philippines like heck right now and ugh.

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