No, I Don’t Actually Do Anything With My “Free Time”

Jan 26, 2014

When I tell people I’m only taking three courses they immediately ask if I have a job

I would like one because money but at the same time I don’t tell them that I’m on academic probation

If I don’t get a GPA of 2.0 or higher I WILL get kicked out of university and it will be hard as fuck to get back in

I don’t want to get a job because I don’t want to risk it

And I guess it’s because I kinda want to redeem myself??

I’d rather focus my time and energy on school work and make sure that there is absolutely NO CHANCE that I will get anything lower than an A-

Failing engg was a low blow and I felt very incompetent for getting an RTW

I should have been kicked out of university

But I wasn’t and I got a second chance

I want to prove that I’m smart

I’m fine with not having a job

But I also know myself very well

I had panic attacks going to work over the summer and I’m currently having panic attacks during my lectures idk how I could handle the stress of both at the same time

But that makes me very nervous. How will I ever handle the stress of life after university if I can’t handle going to school (barely full time) and having a job at the same time??

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