Phew... I Moved My Fanlistings

Jan 7, 2017

Fanlistings are basically the early 2000’s version of Facebook pages. I own a bunch of them, mostly of songs or video game characters. Honestly, the whole fanlisting thing has been going down in popularity as the years go by. It’s a bit sad. Fanlistings come and go a lot. There’s a high turnover rate. I try my best to maintain and keep mine up and running.

However, my old domain name expired and I had trouble getting in touch with my registrar to renew it. I really loved that domain name because it featured my frequently used user handle but I determined it to be a lost cause and ultimately let it go. Since GitHub introduced the student pack which included a .me domain for free for one year, I claimed it. Hence, was born.

Right now I’m using $50 credit from Digital Ocean (yes, that is a referral link) for an Ubuntu droplet. However, it only runs on 512MB RAM so I opted to buy a cheap 1GB RAM server from RamNode (no, that is actually not a referral link). 512MB RAM would probably be enough for me since I don’t receive many visits to my websites but you never know what the future might bring.

So on the event of my domain expiring, I moved all of my fanlistings over to the RamNode server. I exported a SQL file through phpMyAdmin from my website to recreate the database and ran it on the server. Since I wanted better naming conventions, I had to change all the config files in order to connect to the database. There were some issues that I had to plow through in Enthusiast, one being that the absolute path to the fanlisting script needed to be changed. Since I’m no longer of thinking of sticking to hosting but rather maintaining my own servers, I don’t think I should have to worry about changing the path ever again.

Afterwards, I had to contact The Fanlisting Network (TFL) in order to change my URLs. The network is to ensure that duplicate fanlistings don’t exist. In theory, duplicate fanlistings can exist but the ones listed on TFL are more trusted.

In summary, that was my evening last night. It took up more time than I wanted but that’s okay. I still managed to get some studying for CCNA done so all went well.

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